School Trips to Singapore for Families

Family vacations abroad have always been fun and exhilarating experiences for the whole family, especially the kids. However, as we all know, 2022 has continued to be a challenging year for traveling school trips for families outside of Mainland China. On top of the inconsistent Covid-prevention policies, planning such a big adventure can be incredibly tiring, especially when finding the perfect destination that offers experience, activities, and accommodations everyone will love.

Thankfully, countries like Singapore are starting to relax Covid-prevention policies making international travel possible. So, if you plan to take the family abroad, consider a school trips to Singapore and let WildChina do the planning for you! Singapore has so much to offer that you won’t run out of things to do, whether it’s places to visit or food to try. Let’s start with why Singapore is the perfect vacation spot for the family.

English is everywhere

Although often confused for a Chinese-speaking country, almost everyone in Singapore speaks at least two languages, and the preferred language of communication is English. Being the official language of education in the country, all classroom instruction is conducted in English. You will also find that all street signs and public transportation are labeled in English, allowing for an easy transition into a new environment allowing the opportunity to learn about the many facets of Singapore through day-to-day interaction.

Highly developed

As a central financial hub in Southeast Asia, Singapore has become an ultra-modern city. You will be astounded as you take a Bumboat River Cruise along the Singapore River, where colonial buildings, traditional Chinese shops, and modern skyscrapers make up the Singapore city skyline.

Incredibly Safe

Singapore’s strictly enforced laws have created a country with low crime rates. Even gum chewing is regulated in public. According to the Economist, Singapore is rated the second safest city in the world, just behind Tokyo. Everything from the streets to public transportation gives travelers a feeling of safety and reliability, allowing for a relaxing vacation.

Diverse Food Culture

From Chinese to Malay to Indian, Singapore has it all. With such a diverse culture, the country has many authentic cuisines from all over the world, so on top of all sites you will want to visit, there will be an endless number of foods you will want to try.

So why a school trips to Singapore?

With the stress of school and intermittent Covid lockdowns, the need for outdoor travel experiences has never been more crucial for students’ mental health. It is not only vital to the mental health of a student, but activity-packed adventures can also build a student’s soft skills outside of the classroom. A school trips to Singapore can be vital for giving students a much-needed refresher from a strenuous academic year.

WildChina shares this belief in the importance of travel and has helped schools plan and execute Singapore school trips online and offline. Read on to glimpse an example of the excellent programs WildChina has going on in educational tours suitable for the whole family about Chinese culture in Singapore.

Chinese Culture in Singapore journey

A school trips to Singapore has much to offer students and their families insights into Chinese culture as this island nation has an ethnical majority of Han Chinese. It is often described as a Chinese island surrounded by Malay culture. The ancestors of many Singaporean Chinese were originally from Fujian Province in China.

Many of these first settlers who arrived in Singapore married local women and established a robust Chinese community known as “Straits Chinese.” Many of these later descendants adopted the Malay culture in dress and cuisine. WildChina will take students and their families to explore the history of Chinatown in Singapore, the life and culture these immigrants have established, and the Chinese customs that have traveled to Southeast Asia.

Learning Objectives

Students on this school trips to Singapore will be fully immersed in the Chinese culture of Singapore, with guided tours through the history of Chinatown in Singapore, daily life in Singapore, and Chinese customs among Chinese in Southeast Asia.

Program details:

Duration: 8 days

Families are in for quite an adventure with this school trips to Singapore! Beginning with a warm reception at the famed Changi International airport, often dubbed the “World’s best airport,” we start our journey with a welcome dinner of Malay cuisine before checking into your hotel.

The Chinese culture tour from WildChina will immerse you and your family into the many facets of Chinese tradition that has traveled from the mainland to Singapore. There will be hands-on activities like cooking with a Master Singaporean chef and learning Chinese Calligraphy from a master.

We will also embark on the Haw Par Villa Heritage Trail for light hiking. This is a fantastic journey through Haw Par Villa’s remarkable landscape filled to the brim with cultural sculptures of all shapes and sizes. Students will also learn about the Park’s creator, Aw Boon Haw, and how he used art to spread valuable cultural and moral lessons to younger generations.

There will be many exhibitions that we visit as well to dive deep into Chinese heritage. You and your family will experience two engaging exhibitions to pique your interest. From the Chinatown Heritage Centre to the Thian Hock Keng Temple, built in 1839 and is Singapore’s oldest Buddhist-Taoist temple. We will also be stopping at the Chinese Heritage Centre, an autonomous Nanyang Technological University research institute. It is the first and only university-backed institute in the world that studies Chinese culture outside of Mainland China.

The key to a family school trips to Singapore is the educational aspect and making time for fun! We will visit the grand Universal Studios Singapore, a popular tourist destination with movie-themed rides designed for the Singapore park. Students and families will also see the Night Safari Zoo, the world’s first safari park for nocturnal animals. Before we leave Singapore, we will make a final stop at the famous S.E.A. Aquarium, the world’s largest aquarium with more than 800 species of marine animals and over 200 sharks.

By now, you must think a school trips to Singapore is the perfect travel abroad experience for you and your family. For more information and a quotation, click here.

WildChina creates memorable and valuable experiences for teachers and students.

With over 20 years of experience, an in-house team of academic managers with educational-related master’s and doctorate degrees, and our sustainable relationship with local experts and partners, WildChina can support schools’ educational trips outside the classroom. Despite all the challenges, WildChina Education managed to make an incredible amount of various programs that could be run EVERYWHERE and ANYWHERE for the Singapore school trips experience.

WildChina provides safety and excellence in school trips to Singapore.

  1. WildChina ensures your students will be safe: We fully risk-assessed each program, including destination, accommodation, transport, and attraction venues. We work with creditable, reliable, and accredited partners so that students can be assured of the best learning Journey.
  2. WildChina creates sustainable adventures: At WildChina Education, we believe that the student experiences we curate influence communities and the environment. This means making the right choices in how, where, and with whom we do business – and crucially, being transparent about the principles that guide our daily decisions.
  3. WildChina adventures are learning-focused: We provide customized experiential learning programs for schools, colleges, and universities. We focus on your subjects and learning objectives. We include experiential learning activities to engage students in active learning.

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