2023 Wrap Up|It’s Been a Great Journey with You!

The First Inbound Trip from a US High School

In 2023, as life gradually returned to normalcy, we excitedly welcomed the first post-pandemic inbound trip from Eastside College Preparatory School in California, USA, in June. We guided students through the Beijing Hutongs, let them immerse in authentic Chinese history, traditional culture, and everyday life experiences. From taking pedicabs through Beijing’s Hutongs to visiting traditional Siheyuan or Quadrangle, trying their hand at making handmade noodles and dumplings, experiencing Peking Opera face painting, exploring the 798 Art District, visiting Tiananmen Square, scavenger hunting in the Forbidden City, hiking the Great Wall, and engaging in cultural exchanges with local schools—the journey was filled with unforgettable moments.

As a company with a mission to introduce Chinese culture to the world, we are thrilled to witness the reconnection of global communities. We believe that in 2024, we will host more inbound school trips to discover China’s unique beauty.


In August, we embarked on a journey to Huangshan with renowned artist, Teacher Yamei, who has over a decade of experience in ink painting education. Amidst the serene landscapes, we indulged in an enriching art education course, nourishing our souls.

Ink painting, a unique form of artistic expression in Chinese culture, resonates deeply with WildChina Education’s mission of spreading China’s beauty and charm to a broader audience. Beyond Teacher Yamei’s masterful art classes, our art camp included guidance from intangible cultural heritage mentors who led sessions on making brushes, ink stones, and seal carving, fostering profound exchanges with ancient Chinese cultural practices.

One of the most rewarding moments came from Shaojie, who shared her reflections after the trip. Despite having lived in the US since elementary school, through this art camp, she deeply felt the profound allure of China’s traditional culture, bringing her closer to China.


Sustainability has always been a focal point for WildChina Education. With shared values, we collaborated with the premium outdoor brand, Patagonia, to host a special upcycling DIY workshop for families during Christmas.

Together, we discussed the environmental impacts of fast fashion and inspired children to contemplate what actions they can take to improve the Earth’s environment. Through engaging DIY activities, children and parents upcycled old T-shirts into reusable tote bags and created Christmas-themed sachets from leftover sleeves, ensuring every T-shirt was put to good use.

This brand collaboration introduced us to many like-minded parents who share our ideals and educational philosophies. In 2024, we aim to build a larger community through this shared pursuit, exploring the rich possibilities of experiential education together!


In November, we completed a two-week community service project with our long-term partner, NAIS Pudong, during which we collected old clothes from students and donated them the local people in Guizhou.
Our experiential education programs have been teaching and advocating for sustainability, global citizenship and service learning. Therefore, we are excited every time we get the chance to practice those important concepts with our students.
The reflections and insights from NAIS students underscored the significance of such activities in their education and personal growth. They realized that material scarcity did not diminish those villagers’ rich spiritual world or genuine warmth and enthusiasm. We are immensely proud to witness the growth of these warm and thoughtful young individuals!


In January 2024, WildChina Education embarked on a new chapter in the new office with a Kick-Off Week. Following significant business growth in 2023, we gathered to review challenges and achievements from the past year. With 2024 being a pivotal year for us, marked by exciting developments such as China’s visa-free agreements with multiple countries, we approach it with strengthened confidence and higher standards, aspiring to achieve even greater heights.


As experiential educators, Service Learning has been a focal point for us. In unity of knowledge and action, we presented a special gift to the community this Chinese New Year. By integrating scientific knowledge with creative hands-on exploration, with sustainability as the theme, we designed activities such as “Fireworks in a Bottle,” and DIY lanterns from recycled coke cans.

The laughter of children is our greatest encouragement. In 2024, stay tuned for more exciting community events!

Beyond Classrooms

Beyond Classrooms, our verseas experiential learning brand, aims to lead children towards a global perspective. When objective limitations have mostly disappeared, nothing can stop us from guiding children to explore the world!

We have successfully led students from international schools on journeys of global citizenship in Singapore and community service in Vietnam.
In Singapore, students explored the lives and cultures of Chinese diaspora in a diverse society, learned about the history of Chinese immigrants and Southeast Asian traditional cultures, and experienced unique Singaporean attractions such as Little India and the MacRitchie Reservoir.

In Vietnam, students took a socially meaningful journey, participating in community service projects, laying cement roads with local people, exploring social enterprises focusing on traditional handicrafts, and gaining insights into the current status and challenges of Vietnamese social development. Through in-depth exchanges with locals, they also honed their cross-cultural communication skills, a crucial quality to become global citizens.

In 2024, our footprint will expand to more countries, including the UK, Italy, and beyond. We promise that every journey with its meticulously designed theme will provide students with invaluable and unforgettable experiences.

Science Academy

Science Academy, specializing in experiential STEAM education, has been providing high-quality after-school classes for major international and bilingual schools, including BISS, NAIS, and Vanke Minhang Bilingual School. In 2023, Science Academy actively engaged in various offline activities, developing more flexible course formats, aiming to make innovative science courses available for more students.


In October, Science Academy participated in Shanghai’s grandest family event Maker Faire, providing exciting STEAM experiential activities for young makers. Our booth, themed around Halloween, offered thrilling tactile challenges, DIY activities featuring glow-in-the-dark slime and thermochromic slime, capturing the attention of all.


Have you ever heard of a STEAM birthday party?
Through a parent who was highly satisfied with our courses, we were specially invited to customize a science-themed birthday party for his daughter and her classmates.

We hosted an exciting and engaging party for these young science enthusiasts, featuring activities such as color-changing slime and homemade ice cream using scientific principles, making this special day truly memorable.


At the BISS Science Camp, we creatively visualized complex science principles for primary students, covering topics such as the human body’s biology, the science of sound, states of matter, light engineering, and more.

Importantly, when knowledge is presented in an engaging manner, children’s learning abilities far surpass what you might imagine.

Science Academy extended its classrooms beyond international schools to offline and community settings this year, as we firmly believe that experiential STEAM education is the best way to cultivate children’s curiosity about science. In 2024, we hope to offer this enriching education to more students.

As we reflect on our work over the past year, we recognize that all our successes stem from our passion for experiential education and our willingness to dedicate ourselves to sharing this passion with more students. With the continuous growth of our team, we are confident that 2024 will bring even more brilliance!

What Makes WildChina Education Standout?

As we wrap up our journey through the myriad educational opportunities in China in 2023, one thing becomes abundantly clear: the transformative power of school trips to mainland China. At WildChina Education, we understand the profound impact that educational travel to China can have on students. It’s not just about visiting famous landmarks or ticking off bucket list items; it’s about immersing oneself in a rich tapestry of experiences that challenge perceptions, broaden horizons, and foster a deeper understanding of the world.

Our school trip packages to China are meticulously crafted to provide students with unparalleled opportunities for growth and discovery. Whether it’s exploring the Forbidden City in Beijing, participating in a traditional tea ceremony, or volunteering in local communities, every aspect of our China school trips is designed to inspire, educate, and empower students to become global citizens. Join us on an unforgettable educational journey to China and discover the magic of experiential learning firsthand.


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