3 New Classic School Trips to China

With international educational travel becoming more accessible again after the height of the pandemic, we’d like to introduce three new school trips to China for your students to experience Classic School Trips to China. The first one is a 13-day school trip to China that takes you through Beijing (北京, bêi jīng), Xi’an (西安, xī ān), and Shanghai (上海, shàng hâi). The second school trip also lasts 13 days, taking you through Beijing, Yangshuo (阳朔, yáng shuò), and Shanghai. The final trip lasts 10 days, allowing students to explore the history and culture of Beijing and Shanghai. Below are the details for all three programs that highlight a variety of remarkable locations throughout China.

Classic China: 13-day Beijing–Xi’an–Shanghai Classic School Trips to China

Program Details:

From Day 1 to Day 3

One of the monuments you’ll be visiting is the Temple of Heaven to get a taste of traditional Chinese architecture. Students will learn the beliefs that the temple symbolizes and why it’s important to Chinese culture. The Temple of Heaven is a complex of three buildings that are named the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, the Imperial Vault of Heaven, and the Circular Mound Altar.

Students will also be visiting Beijing’s Hutongs (胡同, hú tóng)—which are traditional residential areas made up of little alleys. The first few days include calligraphy, paper cutting, and knot making in Siheyuan (四合院, sì hé yuàn) and browsing the Nan Lou Gu Xiang (南锣鼓巷, nán luó gû xiàng) Shopping Street. As historically and culturally significant places, Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City are also on the itinerary.

Shanghai School Trip to China

From Day 4 to Day 6

As part of connecting with the local culture, students will be visiting the Anhui Guild Hall for some Peking Opera Fun. At the Summer Palace, you will learn about how the British and French troops invaded Beijing and ransacked the Palace, many of which are now displayed in museums around the world.

A particular section of the Great Wall of China, known as Mutianyu (慕田峪, mù tián yù), is where you’ll visit the home of a local doctor to learn about medical practices in a small village. Students will get the opportunity to see more local life at The Dandelion School, the first and the only middle school established for children from low-income migrant families in Greater Beijing.

From Day 7 to Day 9

Arriving in Xi’an by bullet train, you’ll be cycling the Xi’an City Wall, which was built in the 14th century as a military defense system, similar to the purpose of the Great Wall of China. Since not all 18 gates of the Xi’an City Wall are open to the public, you’ll be getting a unique opportunity to explore the grounds.

To discover the secrets about China’s first emperor, you’ll find yourself amidst the Terracotta Army, one of the most significant discoveries in modern history. You will then arrive at Qinling (秦岭, qín líng) Mountain, which is actually the midpoint between Northern and Southern China. Spend the day hiking and enjoying the exquisite scenery.

Xi’an City Wall

From Day 10 to Day 13

Towards the end of your school trip in China, students will participate in a community exchange program at Huiling Center, a center for the mentally handicapped. You will then transfer to Shanghai, where you’ll enjoy nighttime views, visit the French Concession, Yu Garden (豫园, yù yuán) and Chenghuangmiao (城隍庙, chéng huáng miào) Bazaar.

If you would like to learn more about the trip or have any questions, we highly encourage you to browse the links at the bottom of the page or reach out to us!


Insight China: 13-day Trip to Beijing, Yangshuo, & Shanghai

The first 6 days of this trip are exactly the same, so we will begin this program’s introduction from Day 7 and end on Day 13.

Program Details:

From Day 7 to Day 10

During this part of your school trip to China, you’ll be taking a flight to Guilin (桂林, guì lín) and getting lots of rest, because the days ahead are full of physical activity!

You’ll find yourself cycling along the Yulong River (遇龙河, yù lóng hé) and enjoying Yangshuo’s stunning limestone karst formations, winding rivers, and picturesque countryside. Students will also get an educational tour of a local cave, walking over suspended bridges, narrow passageways, and chambers filled with colorful rock formations.

classic school trips to China

From Day 10 to Day 13

Potential activities include school cleaning, school wall painting, playroom disinfecting, bookshelf setup, school gardening, and more at a local village school. Once you get to Shanghai, you’ll enjoy an evening river cruise, visit the French Concession, Yu Garden, and Chenghuangmiao Bazaar.

Classic School Trips to China: 10-day School Trip to Beijing & Shanghai

The first 6 days of this trip are exactly the same, so we will begin this program’s introduction on Day 7 and end on Day 10.

Program Details:

From Day 7 to Day 10

The end of this school trip to China includes getting to see the city view of Shanghai from the Shanghai Tower, China’s tallest building. You’ll embark on the Huangpu River Cruise to enjoy Shanghai’s spectacular city lights at night.

A Classic School Trips to China part of Shanghai is the French Concession, the heart of the city’s downtown area. You will

Huangpu River Cruise

 get to see historical foreign architecture and learn about the international influences that have shaped Shanghai over the past century.

Another unmissable part of Shanghai during your school trip to China is the Yu Garden and Chenghu


angmiao Bazaar. Walk around and explore the beautiful gardens and traditional Chinese architecture.

Finally, students get to experience Zhujiajiao Water Town (朱家角水乡古镇, zhū jiā jiâo shuî xiāng gû zhèn) to see what Shanghai was like before it became an international hub.

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