4 School Trips to China Filled With History & Culture

Have you ever dreamed of exploring the ancient history and culture of China? WildChina’s history & culture School Trips to China will open your eyes and your heart to this incredible country. Uncover the mysteries of Chinese dynasties and marvel at the breathtaking monuments from centuries ago. Our expert guides will share their knowledge and provide an in-depth insight into the country’s culture, bringing your journey to life. Join us on an unforgettable adventure that will stay with you forever!


Fujian: Ocean Sustainability & Adventure

You asked for history and culture, and we have delivered. We are starting out strong with Fujian (福建, fú jiàn), THE city to go to for this exact reason. This 5-day school trip to China is designed to bring you the most fun and exciting escapade. You and your students will get to participate in cultural activities, ferrata rock climbing, survival hikes, archery, zip lining, scavenger hunts, and so much more. For the film geeks, you’ll even have an opportunity to create a documentary! We hope you walk away from this trip with a fresh perspective on suburban China.

Aside from history and culture, this school trip to the southeastern part of China also includes outdoor education and sustainable development. If you would like, our Academic Managers can help you customize this school trip (or any school trip, really) into a CAS program.

On day 1, you’ll arrive in Xiamen (厦门, xià mén), meet your WildChina Program Leader, and transfer to Tianzhu Mountain. In this program, we originally included a short hiking activity for after you’ve checked in to your hotel, but this can easily be canceled for you since you will most likely need all the rest you can get after such a long flight to China. If you’re feeling up to it, you can have a bonfire party and a BBQ dinner under the stars.

Fujian: Ocean Sustainability & Adventure

The next morning, you will be presented with a series of challenging activities including via ferrata rock climbing, hiking, and archery or zip lining. After lunch, you’ll transfer on a 1.5-hour bus ride to the Yunshuiyao Tulou Region (云水谣土楼, yún shuî yáo tû lôu) and check in to your guesthouses. Your students will participate in an Adventure Scavenger Hunt to learn about Tulou history and culture before having a Hakka dinner. If you didn’t already know, the Hakka people are an ethnic minority. That evening, your students will take part in fun team building activities.

Day 3 of your school trip to China will be filled with local vegetable picking and cooking! In the morning you’ll start with taking a 30- to 40-minute hike on the country roads to an isolated tea plantation, split into groups, and learn how to process tea. You will then join a local family to pick vegetables with them and learn how to cook local dishes. Through this activity, your students will get to see what the farm-to-table process is like in an authentic Tulou home. Afterwards, you will go back to Xiamen and check in to your Xiamen hotel to freshen up and have dinner.


You’ll get to see some beautiful views on your last full day of your school trip in China. Your WildChina program leader will bring you to a local Xiamen beach for some Fun Beach Olympic Activities. Hopefully, being at such a nice beach would allow you to be present in each moment. You will no doubt have some time to swim and try out ocean kayaking.

In the afternoon, you’ll go to a picturesque peninsula to take part in a WildChina Conservation Activity. After learning about the importance of mangroves and the local farm life, your students will work in teams to create a short documentary either about mangrove conservation or farming culture. As part of the project, students are encouraged to interview the locals, explore a truly local area of Xiamen City, and unleash their creativity. Later that day on your school trip in China, you and your students will get some leisure time to browse the bustling Zhongshan Street (中山街, zhōng shān jiē) and eat whatever your heart—or stomach—desires!

Day 5 is the day of departure. You will do some morning activities with your WildChina Program Leader, grab a packed lunch at the hotel (depending on your time of flight), say your goodbyes, and transfer to the Xiamen airport.

The Ancient Tea Trail

This 7-day school trip to China brings you to Yunnan (云南, yún nán), a province right in the middle of China’s southern border. There, you’ll find yourself admiring beautiful landscapes and learning more than you ever have about China’s diverse ethnic culture. You and your students will also get to walk through beautiful villages and monasteries tucked within Yunnan’s mountainous highlands. Needless to say, outdoor education is a huge part of this program.

On day 1 of this school trip to China, you’ll fly in to Shangri-la, where you’ll meet your WildChina Shangri-La guide, who will bring you to your guesthouse. Once you check in, you can enjoy a relaxing evening to recharge for the rest of your trip.

On the morning of day 2, you’ll have an early morning visit to Songzanlin Monastery (噶丹松赞林寺, gá dān sōng zàn lín sì). You will then transfer to Tangdui village to learn about Nixi Minority’s black pottery making. After spending some time exploring the village, you’ll get to have dinner with a Tibetan family in a nearby village and get to witness Tibetan singing and dancing.

To start of the hiking portion of your school trip to China, you’ll transfer to the Abujee Mountain trailhead on the morning of day 3. You’ll hike to the hull of the mountain range through Tibetan and Yi herder camps. Once you’ve seen the breathtaking views, you will learn about the history and culture of Tibetan muleteers. You’ll also learn things like how to properly back a mule and how to tie simple knots. That mountain meadow will be the first campsite of your school trip to China.

After waking up and having breakfast the next morning, you will begin your ascent into Abujee, taking rests when necessary. Your WildChina Program Leader will lead you on a hike to lake Tsonak, also known as the “Black Lake” along the kora path. Nearing the end of the day, you’ll descend into the valley below and set up camp at your second campsite.

On day 5 of your school trip to China, you’ll once again descend into a valley to our pick-up point and transfer to Shangri-La. For the rest of the day, you will have free time to relax and freshen up. Day 6, your last full day on your school trip to China, will be spent learning about Tangka painting in Gonjo village, and doing community service work at a local village near Gyalthang Town.

Pingyao: China’s UNESCO City

This school trip to China brings you right to the ancient city of Pingyao (平遥古城, píng yáo gû chéng) in Shanxi (山西, shān xī) province, which is a UNESCO world heritage site. The ancient city was founded in the 14th century and is rich with history and hidden treasures. On this school trip to China, your students will learn about the city’s past governing institutions and learn traditional Chinese paper cutting in a Confucian temple.

Pingyao: China’s UNESCO City

Your WildChina guide will take you to Pingyao Ancient County Hall to learn about the responsibilities of the ancient governmental institutions. Your students will also learn about how they judged and mediated the domestic trifles of common folk as well as the magistrate’s daily life and diet. After separating into groups to brainstorm, students will role play in groups to demonstrate their ability to judge and solve problems.

After lunch, you will visit the Confucian Temple to learn how to do traditional paper cutting. You will also get to have a local dinner that evening. While this school trip to China was originally designed as a program for domestic schools, we can absolutely work with you to understand your needs and design a weeklong program for you.

Niujie Mosque: Cultural Immersion

Niujie Mosque: Cultural Immersion

This is another trip that our Academic Managers would be happy to customize for you to make it more suitable for your school trip to China! Niujie Mosque (牛街礼拜寺, níu jīe lî bài sì), also known as Ox Street Mosque, is Beijing’s oldest mosque, rich with culture and Muslim heritage. It dates back to the 10th century, when the Chinese first began converting to Islam. At the site, there is a “Pavilion for Observing the Moon” (望月楼, wàng yuè lóu), and it’s believed to be the location where Islamic astronomers gazed at the stars to figure out the lunar calendar. Fridays are the days when the mosque is the most lively. During prayer times, however, non-Muslims are forbidden to enter.

Did you know that most Buddhist temples are south-facing? There’s a distinct detail regarding the direction in which the Niujie Mosque, which is Islamic, faces. The Niujie Mosque faces Mecca, the holy land of Islam. While you are there, you and your students will partake in an interactive learning activity regarding Islam’s origin, history, and how they came to settle in China. After your visit, you’ll have lunch at Tu Lu Fan halal restaurant and spend the afternoon exploring the Niujie Quarter.

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