5 Reasonable School Trips: Why All Students Should Have It

School trips are something both students and teachers look forward to and are the quintessential part of the school experience. It is not just refreshing for all, but the experience leaves a long-lasting impression on the adventure-goers, motivating them for the school year ahead of them.

With what seems to be the worst pandemic behind us, students are itching for that outdoor experience with a school trip to China that will rejuvenate their passion for learning and the unique experience the great outdoors offers.

There are many reasons to take students on a school trip; you will learn about some in this article. With that in mind, WildChina is here to help plan that next great excursion. WildChina helps schools prepare and executes China school trips online and offline. Read on to learn five reasons all students should have a school trip to China.

5 Reasons Why All Students Should Have a School Trip:

1.Relieve Stress

Though this may sound cliched, a much-needed break from the daily routine is true for most of us. A quick trip to China does good for us both physically and mentally because most of the time, it is a change in the scenery around us that matters most. A great way to kick off a short semester break or a long summer holiday, students are energized and fired up to charge into their academic activities for the following school semester after returning from a school trip.

Trip Idea: 3-day cycling, hiking, and tea brewing in Yixing

On this trip, students will enjoy the coastal area of Yixing right next to beautiful Suzhou. Students will immerse themselves in the many cultural facets Jiangsu province has to offer and gain a deeper connection to the world around them. Plenty of street-relieving activities include strolls through stunning parks, cycling through a bamboo forest, and making their own Yixing clay teapots.

2. Escape The Climate

We don’t always have the best weather during the semester holidays, and it’s usually either too hot or too cold, so what’s the best school trip to China? Escape the area for a Zen-filled retreat, of course!

Trip Idea: 1-day Qingpu Kayaking and Cycling

Venture out into the suburbs of Shanghai on a day program that helps beat the heat. Students will go Kayaking at Dianshan lake and enjoy the natural scenery. After lunch at a local restaurant (with air-conditioning!), students will enjoy the great outdoors further with a scavenger hunt cycling competition that will finish off at a local village near Jiangsu province.

3. Do Things You Would Never Be Able To Do In Your Hometown

As wonderful as a student’s hometown may be, there are many drawbacks to living in the big city – most of all the lack of enjoying nature and outdoor activities. A school trip to China can help students get out into the wonders of nature and experience things they usually would not be able to see just hanging out at home.

Trip Idea: 2-day Chongqing via Ferrata

The Italian “via Ferrata” means an “iron path” in English and refers to the metal rungs and permanently fixed safety wire to cross otherwise tricky and steep rocky terrain. A thrilling experience for the adventurer at heart, this school trip to China will teach students all about rock climbing starting from decrypting the main lock structure used in rock climbing. Students will learn essential climbing skills such as disassembling the rope, conducting a drop test and verifying the safety of the climbing rope from a scientific point of view. After students have learned the essential skills, they will be taken to a regulated climbing path and put their knowledge to the test.

4. Grow As A Person

A school trip to China is an excellent experience for children to learn the basic skills to become independent people. In many Asian cultures, children mostly grow up under the constant supervision of their parents and, more often than not, are not encouraged to think independently. Traveling without the protection of mom and dad by their side can be a life-changing experience that can teach children the invaluable skill of self-awareness and taking charge of their own lives.

Trip Idea: 4-day Beijing Adventurous Journey

This hiking adventure is a challenging one that will push students both physically and mentally with up to 7-8 hours of walking, hiking, and biking daily. Starting from the White River, students will learn to use navigation and survival skills to make their way to Sidaohe Village. On this journey, students will not only have plenty of physical activity, but they will also learn valuable skills in map reading, compass skills, setting up camp gear, and cooking outdoors.

5. Find Yourself

At some point, students of all ages will have the mental battle of deciding who they want to be when they grow up. Some may be fortunate enough to have a path laid out for them, but for most, deciding what direction to take can be a constant battle in their heads. Traveling is the best time for introspection as it forces students to turn off their devices, break away from the big city’s noise, and embrace Mother Nature’s calm. During a school trip to China, students will have time to inflect as they put their minds and bodies to the test without the noise of technology that often clouds their minds.

Trip Idea: 6-Day Himalayan Adventure

Students will have the opportunity to camp out in the great outdoors and experience a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Located in Yunnan, China’s southern province is well-known for its picturesque landscapes and diverse ethnic cultures. Students will be hiking through the Abujee Mountain and learning historical and cultural facets of Yunnan with this immersive experience. Experiences include learning to set up a campsite in a mountain, breath-taking views along the Abujee Mountain, and learning the history and culture of Tibetan muleteers.

WildChina Creates Memorable And Valuable Experiences For Teachers And Students.

With over 20 years of experience and an in-house team of academic managers who hold educational-related master’s and doctorate degrees, plus our sustainable relationship with local experts and partners, WildChina is able to support schools’ educational trips outside the classroom. Despite all the challenges, WildChina Education managed to make an incredible amount of various programs that could be basically run EVERYWHERE and ANYWHERE for the China school trip experience.

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