Best Highschool Graduation Trip To China Ideas

Congratulations to our graduating seniors for all their hard work throughout high school! Now comes the big decision of what to do for the summer right after.

With anxieties such as: going off to college, making new friends, choosing a major, and most of all – embarking on a new adventure, it’s the best time for a quick school trip to China – and by a quick trip, we mean an epic highschool graduation trip to kick off a new chapter in life.

Graduating seniors have withstood the stresses of the pandemic over the past couple of years, making outdoor experiences even more critical than ever for young students.

The value of outdoor adventures is enormous for a child’s mental health and development of soft skills, and what better time to kick back and relax than the summer after high school graduation. A school trip to China can be just the vacation/adventure students need after graduation to prep them for the road ahead.

Highschool Graduation Trip To China Ideas:

WildChina wholeheartedly believes in the importance of travel and has helped schools plan and execute school trips to China both online and offline. Read on to get a glimpse into just 3 of the many programs offered by WildChina for graduating seniors to enjoy.

7 Days Along The Ancient Tea Trail In Yunan

 Learning Objectives: History And Culture, Outdoor Education

 Go on a school trip to China with breathtaking views that students and teachers alike will be sure to remember for a lifetime. Located along the southern border of China, Yunnan is full of beautiful landscapes and diverse ethnic cultures. Students can dive into the Tibetan culture and explore the beautiful mountainous landscapes by hiking through historical villages and monasteries.

Students will be housed in a comfortable guesthouse in Shangri-la and will be accompanied by a WildChina tour guide from start to finish their school trip to China. Students can visit unique locations such as the waterfront Songzanlin Monastery, explore Abujee Mountain, and hike down to the lake Tsonak (aka “Black Lake”).

Not only will students be taking in the views, but they will be immersed in local ethnic cultures through food, music, and activities. Activities range from learning about black pottery making with the local Nixi Minority, traveling to Gonjo Village to learn about traditional Tangka Painting, dining with a local Tibetan family, and chowing down on authentic local cuisine by Tibetan song and dance.

For more information, including a detailed itinerary and pricing, click here.

6 Day Hiking And Camping Beyond The Wall – The Mountains Of Xinglong County In Beijing

Learning Objectives: History And Culture, Outdoor Education, Teambuilding

 If hiking the great outdoors is your thing, then this is the school trip to China for you. This outdoor hiking and camping adventure is a physical challenge that will push students while teaching valuable survival skills in one of the wildest regions in China – beyond the Great Wall.

Students will be hiking 60 km throughout the program with their trek leaders, so this is a school trip to China, not for the faint of heart. Students will enjoy the incredible rural landscapes along the guided trek– places their friends and family have never visited.

From Yangshitang Village to Sidaohe Village, this will undoubtedly be a school trip to China to remember as students will be able to see old villages in parts almost untouched by the modern day.

Along the way, students will learn the invaluable skill of setting up camp in the great outdoors and also learning to cook a meal with the provisions given to them.

The trek leaders carefully prep each trek, and students will be given adequate mental and physical preparation before the start of each day. Regular discussion and breaks will ensure that all students travel within their physical limits. Everyday teambuilding activities will take place along the way to strengthen morale.

For more information, including a detailed itinerary and pricing, click here.

5 Day XiaoXi Lake Outdoor Adventure Near Beijing

 Learning Objectives: Outdoor Education, Teambuilding, History, And Culture

 Xiao Xi Lake is a sprawling natural reservoir located just a 2-hour bus ride from Beijing, with unrepaired sections of the Great Wall intertwining the scenery through the nearby mountains- making it an ideal destination for a school trip to China.

Nicknamed the “little West Lake” after Hangzhou’s very own body of water, the Xiao Xi Lake offers its own unique attraction with its natural beauty and views of the ancient Great Wall sprawling through the mountains behind it.

Plenty of outdoor activities are planned for students in and around the area. Students will be taken on waterfront activities such as kayaking, swimming, and watersports to cool off and have fun in the hot summer climate.

Students will also be taken hiking along the parts of the great wall in the area and be given the opportunity to take in the sights that tourists would not be able to enjoy back in the city of Beijing. They will also be able to enjoy outdoor activities such as rock climbing along the cliff faces near XiaoXi Lake for a thrilling outdoor experience.

Not only are there plenty of outdoor activities, but there will be plenty of teambuilding and DIY activities for students, such as jam making from local ingredients, traditional lantern making, giant kite decorating, and a flying competition.

For more information, including a detailed itinerary and pricing, click here.

WildChina Creates Memorable And Valuable Experiences For Teachers And Students.

With over 20 years of experience and an in-house team of academic managers who hold educational-related master’s and doctorate degrees, plus our sustainable relationship with local experts and partners, WildChina is able to support schools’ educational trips outside the classroom.

Despite all the challenges, WildChina Education managed to make an incredible amount of various programs that could be basically run EVERYWHERE and ANYWHERE for the China school trip experience.

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