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STEAM Education Trends Shaping Learning In 2023

In the educational field, STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEAM education includes the arts, and it’s what we focus on in our STEAM school trips. Some STEAM education trends that have shaped...
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China–US Flights Resume

China-US Flights – Exciting updates from the travel industry report that come September 1, both Chinese and American airlines will be doubling up on the number of flights available to and from the US. Round...
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School Trips to Anhui, China

School Trips to Anhui-Are you ready for an unforgettable school trip to Anhui, China? Get ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture, explore the rich history, and discover the artistic wonders of this...
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What’s In Store For The Educational Tourism Market?

Watch out, because educational tourism is on the rise in 2023! The educational tourism market is currently estimated to be valued at $409.6 billion, and will only grow higher in the next decade. We have...
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Unlock the World: The Magic of a School Trip to China

Who said that school trips are limited to packed lunches and museum visits? The 21st century has arrived. Today’s school trips present a universe of opportunities for cultural exchange, comprehension, and a radical shift in...
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Why Educational School Trips are Beneficial for Teenagers

Educational school trips have long been recognized as a valuable tool for enhancing the learning experience of teenagers. These kinds of trips, often referred to as educational tourism, provide students with the opportunity to explore...
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3 New Classic School Trips to China

With international educational travel becoming more accessible again after the height of the pandemic, we’d like to introduce three new school trips for your students to experience Classic School Trips to China. The first one...
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The Importance of Sustainability in Education and How We Integrate It into Our Programs

As an experiential education company that offers tailored school trips for students of all ages, sustainable education is always at the forefront of our minds. Sustainable education is becoming increasingly relevant as the world faces...
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Introducing 3 School Trips to China: Outdoor, Art and STEAM Camps

We are delighted to announce some new and upcoming trips! In this article, we will introduce an outdoor School Trips to China, an art-themed school trip, and a STEAM school trips to China. If you...
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The Rise of Camping in China

The pandemic has changed most of our lives to varying extents. Over the past three years, many of us have taken up new hobbies, learned new skills, and perhaps experienced a paradigm shift in several...
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