The WildChina Education team has an unwavering drive and passion in helping people from all walks of life interact and immerse themselves in Chinese culture to the fullest degree. WildChina Education’s virtual classes for Huawei, one of the biggest tech giants in the world, is one of our many proud partnerships that demonstrates our commitment to showcasing authentic traditional and modern Chinese culture to the next generation of future leaders and entrepreneurs.

WildChina Education has been organizing both online and offline learning programs that showcase an unseen side of China. Whatever your interests are, our programs have taken students both in-person and virtually all over the country, visiting historic sites, nature, and offices from Chinese industry leaders.

WildChina Education x Huawei

We’ve been working closely with Huawei for more than 2 years, and have so far provided almost 300 virtual classes for Huawei, with students spanning from over 50 countries including the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Russia, Portugal, Poland, Norway, Egypt, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Singapore, Thailand and more.

Our ongoing contribution to Huawei’s Seeds for the Future Program has educated tech-savvy students with valuable knowledge and industry insight that gives them an important competitive edge as they embark on their future careers within the technology industry.

Huawei’s Seeds for the Future Program is an educational initiative that focuses on scouting and cultivating the next generation of entrepreneurial talent across the world. Huawei’s program bridges the gap between people and China, the biggest technological and entrepreneurial hub that leverages innovation to address global challenges.

Over the years, China has cultivated a bustling marketplace that continues to attract foreign businesses into working and operating in China. Successful companies that leverage the Chinese market to their favor require a strong grasp of Chinese culture and cross-cultural communication.

This is where WildChina Education’s virtual classes for Huawei come into play. Our virtual programs aren’t limited in size or scale. Our classes are customized to accomplish your desired learning objectives and academic needs. We’ve worked with global academic institutions in providing a holistic learning experience to students that help students understand the traditionalism and modernity that makes China what it is today.

Huawei Seeds for the Future Program

WildChina Education’s virtual classes for Huawei’s Seeds for the Future Programs can be narrowed into two distinct types of classes that were organized for its students: Thematic Roundtable Discussions and Live-streaming Chinese Culture and Historical Sites.

If you’ve visited major Chinese cities such as Beijing or Shanghai, you’ll have immediately noticed the stark visual representation of both old and new, tradition and modern, history and the future. Because of this, we designed two different programs that cover these two important facets of China in greater detail.

So, what can students expect when enrolling in either of our virtual classes for Huawei?

Thematic Roundtable Discussions

WildChina Education gathers industry leaders and successful entrepreneurs based in China together to take part in engaging and interactive thematic tech roundtable discussions. Each session is guided by two speakers so that each guest speaker can provide their insight in greater detail to the students without worrying about time constraints.

Students that enroll in our Thematic Roundtable Discussions will gain exclusive access to insight on a variety of important topics related to conducting business successfully in China’s technological market. Our classes have included discussions on topics such as:

  • Chinese Social Media
  • Tech and Sustainability in China
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Big Data and UX (User Experience) Design
  • Practical Coding for UI/UX Design in China
  • WeChat Mini Programs
  • FinTech

WildChina Education ensures that each class is guided by experts that have years of extensive experience working within their respective industries in China. Industry experts include:

  • Gabby Gabriel: Founder of Gab China
  • Daphne Tuijn: Founder of Chaoly
  • Alex Duncan: Founder of KAWO
  • Matilda Ho: Founder of Bits x Bites
Virtual classes for Huawei

Live-streaming Chinese Culture and Historical Sites

WildChina Education takes students on a virtual journey to discover iconic and hidden historical gems within Chinese culture within the comfort of your home. We converted all of our cultural programs from pre-recorded to fully live-streamed from China. It was important to leverage live-streaming technology so that students can interact with their surroundings and tour guide with immediacy, as if they were physically there.

Our interactive virtual classes for Huawei that showcase Chinese culture and history tours have so far been successful in providing students with a deeper understanding and experience of China, despite the barrier of physical location.

The activities, workshops, and tours that students from our virtual classes for Huawei’s Seeds for the Future Program in Ireland were able to experience included (but were not limited to):

  • Giant Panda Tours
  • Guided Tour on the Great Wall
  • Chinese Ink Painting
  • Martial Arts – Shaolin Kungfu
  • Sustainability and Renewable Energy in China

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Our Promise to You

WildChina Education’s virtual classes for Huawei have consistently outperformed and exceeded our students’ expectations. Students leave our classes edified with newfound knowledge of Chinese culture and equipped with the necessary tools to succeed in the marketplace.

Our careful planning and execution of strategies has resulted in WildChina Education’s virtual classes for Huawei being consistently rated very highly amongst students, so much so that our classes have never dipped below a minimum standard of enrollment.

Nor has WildChina Education ever received an issue scheduling a class due to unforeseen circumstances. In situations where issues do arise, WildChina Education has always adapted fast to schedule appropriate changes, with our students’ best interests at the forefront of our decision making.

WildChina Education’s team has extensive experience delivering academic virtual tours and classes. It is our accumulated wealth of experience organizing programs for students across the world that has led us to running virtual classes for Huawei, as well as partnering with prestigious institutions from Harvard Business School to Stanford University.

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or student interested in Chinese culture, you’ll want to enroll in the many virtual programs we have to offer. Our virtual programs are designed to help you achieve your educational outcomes. And our virtual classes for Huawei have equipped students with the knowledge they need to enter the business world with confidence.

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