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Our goal is to connect You to All Things China. Just a few clicks away, our virtual Culture classes & Virtual China Business Roundtables provide You with a seamless, and profound masterclass about how things work in China.

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Each live stream session can be customized for age level, cultural background, and interest categories. Classrooms can fit up to 50 students at a time, with each class typically lasting 1 hour.


We use stable and professional live stream devices and equipment.

Risk Management

We have plan Bs for outdoor sessions and internet interruptions.

Interactive Learning Experience

Our sessions are brought to you by charismatic and engaging professionals who have rich experience in delivering online courses. Each speaker is trained to be interactive with students.

Content Design

Guaranteed live Q&A capacity within the session and customized interactive activities based on your academic needs. Our team provides quick and timely feedback on solutions and adjustment.

Review & Feedback

Follow up weekly summary & reports to your students and teachers.

WildChina Education is proud to bring Virtual Chinese Culture Classes to students around the world.

Today, virtual learning has become more important than ever for students unable to travel and stuck at home. Our innovative virtual classes are helping students overcome this obstacle by bringing China right to their doorstep.

Our virtual classes provide an interactive learning experience that engages students to speak the language and participate in Chinese cultural activities.

Our virtual tours are led by expert guides, and walk students through the most unique sites across China in real time.

WildChina Education covers every facet of traditional and modern Chinese culture from the urban to the rural. From tea picking in Western Sichuan to a crash course about tech in China, our classes are carefully crafted and led by a mixture of industry experts and guest speakers from local organizations in China.

Students across the world deserve an authentic understanding of Chinese culture that you won’t get elsewhere.

Our virtual Chinese culture classes have been tried and tested. We’ve served over 500 top clients including industry leaders and academic instituions all over the world. Don’t just take our word for it - our china virtual tours have even been featured by the Wall Street Journal.

Why have we been so successful? Our classes balance fun and education harmoniously; connect like-minded students across the world; and provide a friendly environment to learn about Chinese culture

Browse through our classes and experience Chinese culture digitally.

We offer bespoke programs that are fully customizable, with objectives, destinations and itineraries tailored to the needs of institutions and age groups.

Our team handpicks the best advisors to guide you on your virtual journey across China. We provide a holistic understanding of Chinese culture, introducing Chinese traditions and historical site tours that span every province across China.

Chinese culture can seem intimidating and foreign at first glance. Our virtual classrooms foster a judgement-free space that encourages students to be inquisitive and ask questions.

We welcome students to interact with the locals to make the most out of the virtual experience. The best way to understand culture is through communication.

Classrooms can fit up to 50 students per classroom, with each class typically lasting 1 hour.

Personalize your
virtual learning experience

Whatever your requirements, we’re committed to providing you with the most complete virtual Chinese culture experience that provides insight into a side of China that you would not otherwise experience.

And when it comes to tech, we’ve got you covered. Students can expect guest speakers, from entrepreneurs to social media consultants, to join your class and provide the ins-and-outs of branding, marketing, and conducting business in China.


1. Cultural Insights

Aimed to show students a side of China they could not otherwise experience. An exploration of the arts, tastes, and movements unique to China.

2. Guided Excursions

A WildChina specialty- connecting students from all over the world with unique Chinese cultural sites. We will take the students 1 on 1 with our expert guides- and show them sides of China they could not otherwise experience or interact with.

3. Speed and Modernity

Round table discussions with our unique network of Chinese experts- ranging from US-Chinese relationships to how to properly leverage social media within China to sell to a Chinese market. A unique insight into the markets of China.

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