Culture & Language Immersion in Taiwan

About this Journey

Taiwan is an island with a unique and complicated history. It is home to a variety of Indigenous peoples and is considered the historical homeland of the Austronesian peoples, who went on sail the oceans and populate places as far removed as Madagascar and Hawaii. The contemporary culture of Taiwan is determined in large part by its large Chinese population, which has existed on the island for many centuries. Finally, roughly 50 years of Japanese colonization, which were paired with a modernization and industrialization drive, have left clear traces in the local culture, as well. Modern Taiwan reflects this mélange of cultural influences but has also transcended it, having been a worldwide innovator in a variety of areas, from high tech (semiconductors) to cuisine (bubble tea). On your visit to Taiwan, students will be able to explore the many cultural faces of this fascinating place, as well as the astounding natural treasures of the island historically known in the West as Ilha Formosa (beautiful island).

Learning Objectives

This 8-day Taiwan Culture Immersion & Language program is designed to give students an in-depth look into Taiwan. During the journey, students will be given a wide range of opportunities to explore Taiwan’s native culture and diverse landscapes. Most importantly, this program will also offer plenty of opportunities for teachers to bring classroom subjects, such as outdoor education, language,  history, community service, environmental science and geography, to life. This program will offer promising learning outcomes and also hands-on experience with a lot of fun and inspiring activities.

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