terratribes - a Wild China affiliated company

We’re thrilled to announce that Terratribes will be joining the team as a WildChina affiliate company! Terratribes, based in the outdoor paradise of Yangshuo, is a well-recognized leader in the outdoor education industry. They have pioneered new paths for China’s outdoor education, both for students, by creating adventure-driven out-of-the-classroom experiences, and for adults, by providing wilderness training and certification courses for leaders and educators. 

Terratribes’ co-founders, Lingye Sun and Qinqing Xiang (Jack), bring a repertoire of extensive outdoor experience, having taught Wilderness First Aid at Princeton, Bowdoin College, and Everest Base Camp, managed logistics projects for the Beijing Olympics, the Vancouver Winter Olympics, traveled as medical consultants to the Antarctic and taught professional mountain climbers from Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, France, and Australia. WildChina Education is honored to bring Lingye Sun and Jack Xiang on board as outdoor program expert advisers.

What Does This Mean Terratribes?

At WildChina Education we believe that high-impact, lasting, and valuable life lessons can be learned outside of the classrooms. As an organization, we constantly challenge ourselves to make programs more innovative, more student-focused, and more life-changing than anything else available in experiential education. We strive to create the extraordinary and execute the impossible. Our education programs place sustainability front and center while integrating seamlessly with in-class curricula. We design with lifelong learning and intellectual exploration in mind, for both the communities we serve and the learners we engage.

Bringing on Terratribes as a WildChina affiliate company

In bringing on Terratribes as a WildChina affiliate company, we are able to better serve this mission by expanding our outdoor education offerings and adding an on-the-ground presence in one of China’s top outdoor education destinations–Yangshuo. We will also be offering internationally accredited certification courses such as Wilderness Medical Association’s (WMAI) Wilderness First Aid and Leave No Trace (LNT) certificate training. We hope that, by providing these courses, we can help to enable greater safety and awareness for both individuals and educators involved in the outdoor industry.

As such, WildChina Education and Terratribes will henceforth be working together to bring the very best of both companies’ offerings to organizations, students, and educators across China.

Terratribes - a WildChina affiliated company

How to start planning a WildChina x Terratribes outdoor education experience?

Please reach out to your main contact at WildChina Education or email education@wildchina.com. We will work in collaboration with Terratribes to design a custom itinerary suited to your curriculum needs. If you have any further questions, please feel free to call or send us an email directly.

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