6 Days Beijing : China Mandarin Language Immersion


6 Days Beijing

Day 1 | Arrival

PM: Arrive in Beijing and meet your local guide at the arrival gate.

Transfer to hotel and check-in.

Icebreakers, opening ceremony.

Enjoy a welcome dinner and try the famous Peking Duck.

Day 2

AM: Transfer to Tiananmen Square and take in the full weight of its historical and cultural significance.

Enter the Forbidden City, where emperors ruled, concubines fluttered their fans, and eunuchs schemed for five hundred years. Enjoy a walking tour and storytelling followed by an educational scavenger hunt.

PM: Take a Pedi-cab tour of Beijing's hutongs.

Student led Hutong Scavenger hunt ; an exciting cultural immersion and mandarin practice activity, encourage students to explore Beijing historical Hutong Alleys through an interactive and educational game.

Classic China

Day 3

AM: Join local Beijingers in morning activities at the Temple of Heaven. Try some of these leisure activities while socialising with the locals! Learn Taichi from a Master, try your hands at yo-yo or kicking shuttlecocks.

PM: Visit a traditional Siheyuan (courtyard home) and partake in traditional Chinese activities (Potential cultural activities: calligraphy, paper-cutting, dumpling making, learning about stories of old objects in hutongs, cricket fighting, playing diabolo, playing hula hoop sticks, sugar figurine making, and Kuaiban. )

Visit Nan Luo Gu Xiang Shopping Street

Visit Nan Luo Gu Xiang Shopping Street

Day 4

AM: Visit the Dandelion School, the first and the only middle school established for children from low-income migrant families in Greater Beijing. Cultural exchange activities are to be confirmed.


PM: Chinese Cooking Workshop: roll up your sleeves, and come together while creating something personal and delicious. This afternoon, you will learn the history and background of Chinese cuisine. After the introduction, teams will be tasked with the challenge of shopping for traditional ingredients, learn how to cook a specific set of dishes and then ultimately prepare a traditional Chinese feast as a group. When the gong chimes, teams will introduce their dishes, and enjoy the scrumptious fare they worked so hard to cook.

Day 5


A full day excursion to the Great Wall of China:

Transfer to Hexi Village for your first experience of rural China.

Enjoy a home-style lunch and learn how to make Chinese dumpling (Chinese traditional cuisine) within a village home itself.

Following lunch, transfer to the Jinshanling section of the Great Wall of China.

While on the wall, practice your communication skills through a Semaphore Flag Challenge.

Transfer back into Beijing City

Farewell Dinner

Great Wall

Day 6

– Easy check out of the hotel and transfer to the airport.
– Fly back home safely.

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