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MBA tour of Singapore

Singapore became the king of transformation through its rapid progress and remarkable openness to both global trade and investment. A flourishing economy with a pro-business environment, world-class facilities and infrastructure, professional services and a major air, sea and telecommunications hub in Asia. This is a study tour program into Singapore which involves not only visits and tours to places of attractions but an experience into the related study field of interest. It involves opportunities to visiting educational institutions, commercial establishments and corporate organizations playing host and providing experience from classroom learning to operational and business functions, depending on the customized program. It is an exciting way to gain an enriching experience of Singapore’s culture, insights from top corporate organizations and interacting with local students.

Main Subject Topics Suggested

Banking & Finance / Business & Management / Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Engineering / Science & Technology / Urban Planning & Sustainability

Hospitality & Tourism / Public Relations & Advertising

Program Details

Please feel free to submit any special requests you may have and we will advise if such requests are feasible as some companies or corporations have policies that may restrict the kind of visits they host.

Education institutions

1Tertiary Institutions exchange programs – universities or polytechnics.

Local public establishments

Learn about the management of local public/state-run establishments and understand its functions and the types of facilities available. Examples include:Urban Redevelopment Authority, Suntec City Convention Centre, Singapore Mass Rapid Transit, Newater, and HDB


Visit local and multinational companies of relevant interest to your field of study. A short talk by the management to enhance your understanding of Singapore’s corporate practices, and business climate.


Recommended minimum group size of 15 participants

The reservations must be requested at least 8-10 weeks prior to intended company visits. All requests for visits are subject to availability and confirmation by the host companies.

While every effort will be made to coordinate the visits to organizations which are ideal for your group, we shall be entrusted to make recommendations and offer alternatives.

For every group wishing to make the requests for visits, an official letter must be provided, indicating the background of the participants, objectives of the visit as well as the contact details, from the university/college concerned.

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