New Year New Semester New Us: 2024 Kick Off Week

New Year New Semester New Us: 2024 Kick Off Week

As this year just began, WildChina Education kicked off our 2024 with a special procedure: Kick-off Week. This is an essential “warm-up activity” for us before the start of each new semester.
Haena, the director of WildChina Education, wants to share with everyone what we have done during this week: how we manage risks for programs, the values we should uphold, how we can improve teaching, and more.

In the past few years, WildChina Education has faced numerous challenges but has grown even more. This success is attributed to our willingness to not only move forward quickly but also to slow down, reflect, and solidify each step we take. After all, experiential learning not only involves ‘experience,’ but also an indispensable step of ‘reflection’.

2024 is a big year for us. The successes we have achieved so far are the best proof of our educational philosophy, and we aspire to reach even greater heights, bringing life-changing experiences to more students.

Memorable Moments

If you were to ask what is special about the Kick-off Meeting at WildChina Education? That would definitely be our encouragement for each member to express their own ideas.

According to Andy, the project leader who is also the co-head of the execution team, experiential education means having students speak more and teachers speak less. Therefore, rather than calling it training, it is more like a seminar.

Since all of our programs are so interesting, and training naturally follows the same vibe. Therefore, seeing us fold paper airplanes or learn to use a drill halfway through the training should not be surprising. After all, we are the best at providing “experiential education.”

We’re all set and geared up to whisk students away on exciting educational journeys, creating life changing experiences that go beyond the classroom.
Let the adventure begin!

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