Join our Wilderness Survival Camp packed with outdoor activities for kids in Guangzhou during the Chinese October holiday. Highlights include Camping, Kayaking, Hiking, and learning to identify flora and fauna in the wild.

Guangzhou Wilderness Survival Camp packed with Outdoor Activities for Kids

From October 2-4, WildChina Education and Discovery Points are teaming up to put on a camp that will allow your child’s imagination and adventurous spirit to run free. We’ve curated a program that are filled with outdoor activities for kids in Guangzhou, close to all major cities in the Guangdong province. Open to children aged 7 to 13, in a beautiful location a stones throw away from Guangzhou, your child will learn the following critical skills:

10月2日至4日,碧山教育和 Discovery Points携手举办举办国庆营,带领孩子探索想象力的无限可能,释放热爱探索的精力。本次广州营面向7至13岁的小朋友,他们将在远离广州的优美自然营地中,学习以下关键技能

  • Build and Start a Fire | 野外生火
  • Navigation | 定向导航
  • Build a Sturdy Weatherproof Shelter | 搭建稳固防水的避难所
  • Collect and Purify Water | 收集和过滤饮用水
  • Conduct Wilderness First Aid and Rescue Techniques | 野外急救技巧
  • Identify Flora and Fauna | 辨识常见动植物
  • Outdoor Cooking | 野外烹饪
Outdoor Activities for kids in Guangzhou at Wilderness Survival Camp

Camping, hiking, and kayaking – will be taught by our expert kayak instructor


outdoor activities for kids in guangzhou
Outdoor Activities for kids in Guangzhou at Wilderness Survival Camp

Learning Objectives | 学习目标

Our awesome teaching style and vast experience in outdoor education will improve your child’s physical and cognitive ability, as well as bringing them closer to nature. No matter what your child’s background is, this camp is open to everybody! 


Sustainably Focused | 关注可持续性

Through the seven guiding principles of Leave No Trace, participants will learn the importance of caring for the world by keeping clean sections of a trail or local area. The importance of the Leave No Trace cannot be understated. Although the principles are born from wilderness adventures, they are possibly true for our urban environments.

参加营队的孩子们将学习“无痕森林”的七项指导原则,并通过维护小径和活动区域清洁的小行动,了解可持续性对全球的重要性。虽然 “无痕” 概念源于荒野探险,但它们同样适用于城市环境,所以其重要性也不能低估。

Guangzhou Wilderness Survival Camp Experts | 营队老师

Colin Wildy

An absolute expert in wilderness survival skills, Colin Wildy, spent a total of 8 years in the British Army’s REME (royal electrical & mechanical engineers) before working for 10 years in the Mountain Search & Rescue Service in the UK. He has been on countless multi-day missions in the wilderness and in his free time enjoys past times like wild camping, cooking, hunting, & trapping. He is a certified International Award assessor, the former outdoor activities director at the British School of Guangzhou and is an unparalleled instructor in outdoor survival skills.

Colin Wildy 在英国军队作为英国皇家电气和机械工程兵(REME) 8年,然后在英国山地搜索救援组织工作10年。他参与了无数多天的野外救援任务并且对野外露营,做饭,狩猎和设陷阱有着丰富的经验。Colin将他过去15年的野外知识运用在学生户外活动中。他是爱丁堡公爵奖励计划的青年户外探险活动认证的评审员,前广州英国学校户外活动总监,一位无与伦比的野外求生指导员。

Jack Xiang

Jack has been engaged in climbing and outdoor sports education since 2004.  He is the founder and manager of the Terratribes and an activity instructor and curriculum planner. Jack has participated in the management and execution of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games. He has undertaken climbing and climbing route development. He had exchange studies in Yangshuo, Beijing Baihe, Guizhou Gezhu, Yunnan, Sichuan and Xinjiang, as well as France, Australia, Canada, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam. Jack is a member of CMDI and Kolon Mountaineering School and a instructor of the Wilderness Medical Associate International.


Camp Information | 营地信息

Location: Qianggang – Approx 48km east of Guangzhou


Guangzhou Wilderness Survival Camp Location

Accommodation: Dorm style apartment with camping on the grounds


outdoor activities for kids in guangzhou
Guangzhou Wilderness Survival Camp Indoor Accommodations

Price: 3,500 (Includes all transport from Guangzhou CBD and meals + snacks)

Early Bird Price: Purchase before September 16th for 10% discount

Group Discount: Groups of 3 get 15% discount




Consultation & Registration | 咨询与报名

Add WildChina Education Assistant WeChat to ask about the camp related issues.  Search for WeChat account (wildchina-education) or scan the QR code to add.


WildChina Education is an experienced LOTC (learning outside the classroom) provider for schools around China. Our Guangdong office is located in Huizhou, Guangdong and we regularly run outdoor activities for kids in Guangzhou for our partner schools. WildChina and its sister company Terratribes, together, have curated outdoor education for China’s top educational institutions. For school enquiries, please contact

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