Why should I Plan a School trip to Taiwan?

Taiwan is a beautiful tropical island nation that is home to 9 Fortune 500 companies. It is widely considered to be the foremost producer/developer in semi-conductors and 45% of the working population are university educated (that puts it at a solid first in Asia, beating out Japan). Let see! Why should I plan a school trip to Taiwan?

Taiwan has the 15th most millionaires in the world and is one of the four Asian Tigers (who are the ‘Four Asian Tigers’?). So, Taiwan is rich, highly educated, and has amazing natural resources to boot. What else? It is the only place in Asia that has legalized same-sex marriage and even its very national identity is questioned at the international level.

How many people live in Taiwan?

Taiwan has a population of 23.4 million people – roughly the half the number of South Korea’s population; slightly more than Florida, and slightly less than Texas.

Where is Taiwan?

Taiwan is located off of the southeast coast of Mainland China, directly north of the Philippines. It’s comprised of 168 different islands with the main island being home to most of its population.

Is Taiwan China?

Taiwan’s official name is the Republic of China. But wait, there’s also a People’s Republic of China… What does it all mean? The shortest version of this is that: Once upon a time there was a civil war in Mainland China. Two parties disagreed about the direction the country should take and one party packed up and left to colonize the island(s) of what is now known as Taiwan.

What are flights like to Taiwan?

Here are the approximate prices and durations to fly to Taipei from different cities around the world:

  • London to Taipei: 700 USD (around 16 hours including one layover)
  • New York to Taipei: 1350 USD (around 16 hours nonstop)
  • Kuala Lumpur to Taipei: 350 USD (around 5 hours nonstop)
  • Sydney to Taipei: 1300 USD (around 9 hours nonstop)
  • Manila to Taipei: 350 USD (around 2 hours nonstop)
  • Singapore to Taipei: 380 USD (around 5 hours nonstop)
  • Bangkok to Taipei: 300 USD (around 3.5 hours nonstop)
  • Seoul to Taipei: 400 USD (around 2.5 hours nonstop)
  • Tokyo to Taipei: 500 USD (around 4 hours nonstop)
  • Jakarta to Taipei: 480 USD (around 5.5 hours nonstop)
  • Dubai to Taipei: 1300 USD (around 8 hours nonstop)

Can I study Chinese culture in Taiwan?

Yes. Taiwan is home to the largest collection of historical Chinese artifacts and observe most, if not all, of the same customs of mainland China. Due to the areligious trends of Mainland China, you can actually find more Chinese folk traditions, customs, and rituals being actively practiced in Taiwan. Taiwanese culture can be viewed as more ‘traditionally Chinese’ than in China!

Can my students study Mandarin in Taiwan?

Yes. Taiwan is a great place to learn foundational Mandarin and advanced Mandarin. Mandarin is the world’s most used pictographically based language. While simplified Mandarin has less strokes to memorize it also sometimes fails to deliver the pictographic meaning behind how characters came to be. Here’s a good visual illustration

What other options do I have for a Chinese culture school trip?

A Chinese culture school trip can be found in many places other than in Mainland China. The Chinese culture, much like many other cultures and traditions around the world are like a diaspora. Many places around the world, like Singapore, Chinatown in the USA, Malaysia etc… have large, significant Chinese settlers and ancestry.

When is the best time to go on a school trip to Taiwan?

If you would like your students to participate in a school exchange in Taiwan then it is best to go in the Fall or the Spring. However, as an island nation, every season in Taiwan offers a different side to explore. Please do note that July and August are the most likely months for typhoons to occur in Taiwan.

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