The Year of the Rabbit, from WildChina Education

Dear friends,

Perhaps some of you have already started your Lunar New Year’s celebrations. Here at WildChina we’re still hard at work preparing for the year of the rabbit.

Every week, we meet as a team to discuss the week ahead. But this week, at the very end of the meeting our director set each of us a very serious task to prepare for the Lunar New Year.

(What was it???)

Write an annual fiscal report?

Present our team goals for the next year?

Reflect on our mistakes?

If you guessed any of those, you guessed wrong!

It was:

“Every person by the end of this week must submit their version of a rabbit ‘fu’.”


Is this the type of work that WildChina Education does?

(Yes, absolutely)

Come! Take a look at our work!















The New Year of the Rabbit

What did you think of our rabbit ‘fu’s? 

Every rabbit is special in its own way. Some were drawn left-handed, some were drawn right-handed, some look like rabbits, some don’t, some are cute, and some are just… weird.

Seeing all of these different videos come in, we were reminded about why and how we design our educational programs. No matter what the subject or location is, there are so many ways to engage with and create from the same thing.

In tired old Beijing – in the most ‘touristified’ spots, we can still find new ways of experiencing, of creating and engaging. A scavenger hunt instead of a tour, camping instead of a cable car, a foodie tour instead of a shopping spree…

In our work, a fresh perspective and some creativity always results in endless possibilities. In 2022, we brought classic ‘field trips’ into the classroom through school events, shows, and residentials. We also started to teach imaginative and engaging STEM classes as after school activities all throughout Beijing and Shanghai.

And with the closing of 2022, and the news that China would be opening up, we were able to start looking ahead to projects in the Spring, Summer, Fall, and even the Winter.

At WildChina Education we are looking forward to the year of the Rabbit – a year we hope to go through together with you. Please accept our Rabbit Fu’s as a token of our thanks for your continued support; They may not be the most polished or beautiful, but they are our most sincere best wishes for you and your loved ones this Lunar New Year.

Happy New Year.

Yours Always,

WildChina Education








在我们的工作中,创意带来无限可能。在过去的这一年,我们开展了在校活动,为学校打造活动日,还开始运营Science Academy课后课,给京沪两地的学生带来优质的课后课选择……




期待兔年,碧山教育能继续与您同行。在此,请允许我们用我们不一定漂亮但绝对真挚的兔子福字给您拜个早年。Wrap your year up with our rabbit “fu”!



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