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It’s no coincidence that National Geographic regarded WildChina as one of the Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth. Since our launch in 2000, we’ve been leading the initiative in popularizing experiential education for the betterment of future generations, and our dedication to the cause has rewarded us with being the go-to educational travel company in Asia.

Staffed by experienced global educators, we pride ourselves on meeting the specific needs of each and every school and educational organization we work with. This means we don’t just offer standard travel and tourism. Rather, we carefully craft bespoke educational programs that fit your exact learning objectives, schedules, and budgets.

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As one of Asia’s most established educational travel companies, WildChina knows what it takes to create the ultimate learning experience for students.

China is a 21st-century learning destination that provides an enriching environment for broad-based learning. With over 5,000 years of deep history and tradition, a plethora of highly stimulating experiences await students – from science, technology, history, and design, to nature, culture, adventure, and so much more. Yet China is severely overlooked as an educational destination, despite the jaw-dropping landscapes and ancient wonders that pervade this country. Using our extensive network and know-how, we demonstrate the educational value of China to students in a life-changing way.

Learning is an experience

Years of research has substantiated the reality that didactic education is insufficient in providing a holistic educational experience for students. As educators or parents, we cannot expect students to develop essential problem solving and critical thinking skills within the confines of a classroom alone. Among stimulating the mind, our China School Trips challenge students physically through risk-assessed escapades in which students explore the breathtaking landscapes that China has to offer.

From the mountains of Yunnan and the sandy shores of Hainan, to the bright lights of Shanghai, each of our China School Trips present students with themed tasks that require them to apply their problem solving skills and overcome obstacles. Our tasks encourage students to interact with the local people and their surroundings, and students appreciate the world more as a result.

Powerful experiences become memories that last for a life-time. Leaving students with an educational impact requires creating an experience that’s unique and irreplicable. Our China School Trips are designed for students to bond with their peers, soak in the atmosphere, and enjoy their getaway to the fullest extent.

Responsible and Sustainable Travel

Global Sustainability is the heart of WildChina Education’s ethos and China School Trips. We recognize the social and environmental impacts travel may have on the communities we visit. Our trip leaders are trained to help educate and share sustainability practices with your students. On each of our school trips we ensure that responsible travel practices that conserve the environment, improve the well-being of local peoples, and encourage awareness of cultural and environmental issues are practiced. We base our good practices and policies on the United World Travel Organization’s goals for world travel companies and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

We are committed to providing students with a rich and meaningful experience, emphasizing connections with local people and promoting a great-er understanding of local cultural and environmental issues.

Our China School Trips generate economic benefits for host communities by employing local guides, patronizing local shops and restaurants, and involving local people in the decisions that affect their lives.

We minimize travel’s negative impacts to the environment by contributing to organizations that support the conservation of natural and cultural heritage. Our staff and trip leaders are fully trained in responsible travel practices, reducing, reusing, and recycling in our office and on our tips.

Types of Programs

Over the years, our team has accumulated a wealth of experience to design and execute China School Trips across the country for all students ranging from Primary and Secondary school to university level. We are proud to provide all of our students with unforgettable learning experiences that arouse curiosity and supplements healthy development.

Primary School Programs

Our Primary School Programs create an immersive ‘student centered’ experience, allowing students to take leadership roles, challenge themselves and build character through team work and educational activities. Many of our lower years (primary schools) programs involve the natural world and wilderness survival skills - offering children a true ‘classroom without walls’ experience. Due to our in-house academic management team we are able to offer authentic experiential learning opportunities that are a far cry from a run-of-the-mill tourist excursion while safeguarding risks, and scaffolding growth.

You can expect students to get their hands dirty in activities such as:

“A huge thank you to all of the WildChina leaders for their outstanding care, provision and planning, to make the trip such an enormous success. It was a truly remarkable trip and one that we will all never forget. A survey went out yesterday and out of 122 explorers the trip received an overall rating of 4.74 out of 5!! A true testament to the magnificent work done by all of your team to make this unique but quite extraordinary vision a reality!”

Dulwich College, Beijing

Secondary School Programs

At WildChina Education we understand that each group of students have different outcome goals from an out-of-school excursion. Whether it is for IB CAS, longitudinal service learning, STEM studies, the International Award, or subject-focused curriculae. Our team of in-house academic managers works with each school and organization to design a program that not only provides a refreshing break from the day to day but simultaneously enriches and connects classroom learning to real-world situations.

Whether learners are going on a multi-destination expedition or a week-long community homestay or service project, we ensure that the appropriate safety measures are implemented and that learning takeaways are maximized. Our secondary school programs place a high importance on student-centered learning, autonomy, and project-based learning. WildChina Education’s programs range across a wide array of tried-and-tested balance of adventure, discovery, community focus, academic challenge, and self-empowerment.

Some of our tried and tested adventures include:

“Wanted to say thanks for your help in organising such a great expedition for Sha Tin College - it was an epic trip to a beautiful part of the world with a real sense of remoteness and challenge. Exactly what we wanted... the team were absolutely excellent and I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again if I was back in the region.”

Sha Tin College, Hong Kong

Health & Safety

WildChina Education is committed to ensuring that all our programs meet the latest health and safety standards, and these are avaliable to your administration and parents upon request. To do this, we adhere to the British School Travel Forum’s strict code of practice and safety standards to vet accommodations, transport, activities and food service providers used on your trip. Our program audits are available to your administration once your program is confirmed.

Our Audits and Risk Assessments not only cover the basics such as an international standard of safety in our transportation and accommodations – for every program that we curate we design a 3-step safety net: Preventive Measures, Emergency Protocols, & a Crisis Management team. These Preventive Measures include:

WildChina covers insurance & medical assistance

As a fully licensed Travel Company we maintain General Liability Insurance for all our clients. For all programs, an emergency vehicle is provided to enable swift transfers to the closest hospital. For extremely remote locations, WildChina staff have the contact details of the appropriate ‘airlift’ medical evacuation services. At least one member of the WildChina staff carries a functioning GPS phone to contact emergency services.

WildChina maintains Incident & Near Miss Reports

Using specialized software and systems, WildChina Education maintains constant contact in times of near misses and incidents with our crisis management team. Our team then takes these near miss reports and integrates them into our preventative measures to ensure next level safety.

WildChina employs industry leaders

Our crisis management team are veterans in the industry and include Mr. Simon Drayton, a former international search and rescue professional corp member and former British Coastguard manager. Our program leaders and academic managers, both local and international, are trained and knowledgeable in local risks and circumstances to coordinate the most expedient, secure arrangements in any emergent or ongoing incident.

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