Adventurous Journeys

Practice and Qualifying Journeys for the Duke of Edinburgh
International Award in China

Adventurous Journeys

WildChina Education prides itself on its expeditions to China’s wildest and most clandestine destinations. Believe it or not, a hiking or biking trail (that doesn’t have escalators or man-made steps) can be found within your province; you just need to know where to look – that’s where we come in. As a licensed recognized activity provider (RAP) with the International Award Duke of Edinburgh organization, we hold ourselves to the highest health, safety & risk management standards in helping your students practice and qualify for their bronze, silver, or gold awards. Our team can help with both adventurous journeys and trainings.

Adventurous Journey in Beijing

Having run about 2000 kids worth of school trips within Beijing we can tell you one thing: Beijing is BIG. It’s filled with tons of secret off-the-beaten-path locations, hikes, and activities that make it possible to do almost any type of residential that you can think of. Here’s a sample Beijing adventurous journey itinerary

The International Award in Shanghai

The highest ‘mountains’ in Shanghai Trips sadly fail to exceed even 150 meters above sea level. However, we have planned and delivered adventurous journeys for the Duke of Edinburgh award in Shanghai. How? Long flat ground treks & biking. If your students are able to cycle, the bronze, silver, and gold adventurous journeys can all be done on two wheels. 

Duke of Edinburgh in Guangdong

Guangdong is perfect for adventurous journeys. There are so many ‘undeveloped’ trails that make it ideal for enterprising award seekers. WildChina runs great routes within the Guangzhou and Shenzhen city limits.

Adventurous Journey in Yunnan

Is there anywhere more magical to do an Adventurous Journey than in the province of Yunnan? From a maximum elevation of 6700m on its Tibetan plateaus down to 74m above sea level along its Vietnamese border – Yunnan is diverse, mountainous, and has a whole lot of off-the-beaten-path to offer intrepid students. 

Adventurous Journey in Zhejiang

For schools based on the East coast of China, Zhejiang offers close convenient destinations for Adventurous Journeys that don’t compromise on challenge and excitement. Kayaking routes, as well as cycling and hiking routes are available in Zhejiang. 

Adventurous Journey in Jiangsu

WildChina has scouted more than 10 different routes suitable for the Bronze, Silver, and Gold awards within the Jiangsu province. Whether you’re in Suzhou, Taicang, Nanjing, Wuxi, or Nantong, there are many routes close by where you can camp out in the wild overnight. 

Adventurous Journey in Fujian

Our Duke of Edinburgh Adventurous Journeys in Fujian can be completed by bike, hike, or canoe. Due to coastal accessibility there are so many different ways to fulfill the ‘purpose’ section of students’ adventurous journeys. 

Duke of Edinburgh in Tianjin

It’s not entirely easy to find off-the-beaten-path trails to explore in Tianjin. This is especially the case where students need to camp out in nature in order to fulfill their adventurous journey requirements. However, WildChina, as a result of countless hours spent on the round all over Tianjin province, is able to provide an adventurous journey route for the bronze and silver within the Tianjin province. 

Adventurous Journey in Xinjiang

One of absolute all time favorite hiking routes in Xinjiang is the Pamir mountain trek and it is perfect for an adventurous journey. 

Xinjiang is not easy to get to, but it’s worth it in all aspects. We can walk you through each step of the process. 

Adventurous Journey in Guangxi

Yangshuo and Guilin, the adventure playground capitals of China are both in the Guangxi province. It is one of the only provinces where WildChina is able to offer the adventurous journey for the gold award completely underground. Try an AJ in the limestone caves of Guangxi. 

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