On Campus Programming

Practice and Qualifying Journeys for the Duke of Edinburgh
International Award in China

On Campus Programming

Need all of your staff to attend a training, don’t want to deal with the hassle of covid restrictions, want to arrange a family day, or just want to have an off-curriculum day for your students? Our on campus programs range from STEAM based workshops like making sound into light, or making batteries from scratch, or bringing

Soap box

Our Soap Box race requires students to put together a wooden construct that can be sat on and steered. If there is time left over, students may also decorate their soap box cars. The activity ends with a soap box car race. The activity requires real carpentry and assembly. For most students this will be the biggest carpentry project they’ve worked on so far. ​


We will deeply focus on Teambuilding & Survival Skill Development activities. We start the day encouraging students to think about how to escape the building in a survival scenario. We then show them some advanced outdoor survival skills-while making sure they keep the zombies at bay! Next, students must work together to move critical materials without attracting the attention of those pesky zombies. We then take them across campus on a survival themed scavenger hunt, which both forces them to work together & introduces them to potentially lifesaving equipment. Finally, we have a custom-designed escape the room challenge- designed to have students use all of their newly acquired skills & friendships to finally defeat those zombies for good.

Chinese fairytale

Outdoor skills

Students will learn the unique outdoor skills that will help to develop and elevate critical thinking skills, resourcefulness, and problem-solving abilities.

Bookbags for the better

This bookbag workshop program is designed to provide the students a precious chance, to see a different world from their own, to experience what factory work is like, and to understand how they can contribute to making the world a more equal place by taking the chance to make bookbags as gifts to their Guizhou peers.

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