Science Field Trips & STEAM

Our science & STEAM themed field trips are enquiry-based workshops
and programs that wed classroom theory to real world application.

Science Field Trips & STEAM

Our science & STEAM themed field trips are enquiry-based workshops and programs that wed classroom theory to real world application. Our STEAM camps in China ask students to formulate creations after observing and learning about their local environments. These programs always involve the complete creative cycle of project-based learning from design thinking, rapid prototyping to digital manufacturing: ideation to production. For example, our plant cyborgs workshop lead students to explore the symbiosis between living creatures (plants) and machinery by making and designing a hybrid plant-mechanical device.
Science field trips and STEAM courses provide valuable hands-on learning experiences for students. By visiting museums, laboratories, nature reserves, and other educational sites, students can interact with real-world scientific phenomena and gain a deeper understanding of concepts learned in the classroom.

Biology field trip

The Li River located in southern China provides an exceptional environment for conducting biology and geography fieldwork. It boasts of abundant biodiversity and unique karst landscapes, making it a perfect location for multidisciplinary research in both fields. The region’s lush vegetation and diverse ecosystems offer researchers the opportunity to study a wide range of plant and animal species. On the other hand, the distinctive limestone hills, caves, and sinkholes provide geographers with a chance to explore karst processes and landforms. Therefore, the combination of natural features in the Li River makes it an ideal place for conducting research in both biology and geography.​

Geography field trip

Water Sample Collection & Testing
​ Wastewater Treatment Plant Visit & Q&A with industrial water quality experts 
Eco diversity Survey
​ Human Impact Survey​


The class will introduce the oldest computer/ calculator- abacus. With the help of technology models the students will analyze and get more knowledge on different types of technologies used and an overview of those. We will then close the class by implementing a technology using acoustic foam.


Students will learn about drones and drone flight by constructing their own basic drones. They will then flying their drones and engage in a series of competitive challenges to see which team may call themselves drone experts!​

3D printing

The term “3D printing” can refer to a variety of processes in which material is deposited, joined or solidified under computer control to create a three-dimensional object with material being added together (such as liquid molecules or powder grains being fused together)typically layer by layer

Virtual tech in China

A deep dive into the Chinese tech scene. Noted for its ‘Unicorns’ of tech, China has a booming tech scene. In this virtual discussion, students will have the opportunity to walk through the background and history of the tech scene with a noted entrepreneur & tech startup founder. Students will walk away with a much better understanding of the importance the tech industry plays in China’s modern economy.

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