Service Learning & the UNSDGs

At WildChina we believe in connecting classroom& interpersonal skills with authentic,
meaningful, and important global purpose.

Service Learning & the UNSDGs

At WildChina we believe in connecting classroom& interpersonal skills with authentic, meaningful, and important global purpose. Each service project is carefully chosen and curated with the permission and consent of the local community. Our academic managers run reflection sessions to connect our work to broader concepts of service and global citizenship. Our service projects include, but are not limited to,ancient architecture restoration projects, rural revitalization (in collaboration with local government), bee-box building, eco-toilet construction, public service, sea turtle conservation, mangrove forest study and conservation etc… For select programs with a UNSDG focus students may apply for a certificate of

Mangrove Conservation Project

Mangrove conservation is undoubtedly one of the most important things we can do in order to protect coastline sustainability. Our mangrove conservation programs run in the Fujian and Guangdong provinces. Not only do we carry out field research together with conservation experts, we also do hands-on learning by making our own field research equipment and give back to nature by planting our own mangrove trees. 

Here is a short video about our Mangrove Conservation themed school trip! 

Sea Turtle Conservation Project

Animal conservation is close to our hearts at WildChina Education. We even have an animal welfare SOP which we ensure is being followed by all of our programs. We run school trips that are focused on sea turtle conservation in the Hainan and Guangdong provinces of China. Students get to learn directly from the conservationists on the front lines and experience the day to day battle for making our oceans more sustainable for its underwater denizens. 

Here’s a sample itinerary we run in Hainan

Songyang Rural Revitalization Program

Systemic change is an important but seldom discussed aspect of service and community projects. WildChina is proud and honored to be working directly with a small township government in the Zhejiang province in sustainable tourism and rural revitalization. Service projects in Songyang range from chronicling the lives elders, preserving intangible cultural heritage crafts, restoring village infrastructure, and formulating rural revitalization plans to present to local government. 

A video we produced about Songyang’s intangible cultural heritage crafts

Chinese language summary of one of our Songyang programs

Anhui Ancient Homes Restoration

Anhui province is home to the traditional Hui style of architecture. Unfortunately, due to urban migration, many of towns and buildings in the peripheries of UNESCO world heritage sites such as Hongcun & Xidi are falling into disrepair. Not only are they crumbling – the very craft and know-how about how to build these houses is being lost. Take your students to join local activists for a week to learn these traditional methods.  

Service Learning Sample Program in Anhui

Dewey Centre Sustainability Camp

In the summer of 2021 WildChina Education ran a historic summer camp in China. It was the first summer camp to be held in China endorsed by his excellency Ban Kimoon (former UN secretary general) and held in conjunction with the Dewey Center in Beijing. The camp was themed around the UNSDGs. Participating students had the chance to have live conversations with the former UN undersecretary general, as well as watch an address made specifically by Ban Kimoon for our students. If you would like to organize this program for your school or organization please get in touch

Sample Program

Watch the video recap of our summer camp

Anthological Studies & Service Learning in Yunnan

The Naxi ethnic minority are the descendants of Tibetan nomadic tribes. They have a unique matriarchal society where marriage is not widely practiced. The Naxi are famed for their traditional music, shamanistic rituals and animist Dongba faith. Our resident anthological expert, Guo Dalie, is one of the last remaining experts in his field. The last pictographic text in the world, Dongba is not easy to preserve. Because of the prevalence of Mandarin taught in school systems, children of Naxi descent grow up barely understanding their own language. 

Because this program is so unique please enquire with us directly to learn more

Yunnan Project Sustainability

Shanghai's Invasive Species

In addition to its massive migrant human population, Shanghai has been, and is being transformed by non-native plants and animals. These organisms are called invasive species, and though they are largely unrecognized by us, they are harming the local environment. Invasive species adversely affect the invaded habitats and bioregions, causing ecological, environmental, and/or economic damage.

Find out more about this STEAM/Sustainability sample program here

Sichuan Pandas & the Bees Conservation Program

One of our star programs, this expedition to Sichuan, contains an incredible blend of workshops and activities covering creativity, art, and service. While most Pandas programs involve a visit to the breeding of a research center, WildChina’s program involves a different private workshop and field studies in the Pandas’ natural wild habitat in the mountains of Sichuan. Our program also involves work with honeybees as a service-learning component.

Sustainable Agriculture Programs

One of our most popular 1-day programs are centered around the craft of sustainable agriculture, aka, permaculture. We use gamification to learn how to identify vegetables, do farm to table cooking, and learn about the science of composting. Zero waste is the name of the game! This program is available in Shanghai, Beijing, Xian, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Huizhou, Tianjin, Qingdao.

Here’s a sample sustainable agriculture program in Shanghai & Chongqing


Coding for Communities

The Coding for Communities Project is a WildChina staple where students develop their own tech solutions to (prototyping/ wireframing and developing their own digital ideas and platforms) to create sustainability solutions. We always involve local stakeholders and present and workshop our ideas together with locals. For outstanding proposals, WildChina offers a grant to students to continue developing their ideas beyond their school trip. 

Sample Coding for Communities Program

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