Introducing 3 School Trips to China: Outdoor, Art and STEAM Camps

We are delighted to announce some new and upcoming trips! In this article, we will introduce an outdoor School Trips to China, an art-themed school trip, and a STEAM school trips to China. If you are wondering, “Why all this emphasis on camping?” go read our previous article. We discussed the rise of camping in China and why now is the perfect time for a school trips to China!

An Outdoor School Trips To China: Lixian Cultural Exploration

Program Introduction

This school trips to China brings you to Lixian (理县, lí xiàn), located in the eastern part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Its mountains reach up to 1,422 to 5,922 meters (4,665-19,429 ft) in elevation, providing the freshest of air and the most stunning of views. Not to mention the rich Tibetan culture that your students are sure to explore during this school trips to China. This 3-day trip is designed with cultural immersion and team-building goals in mind. During your time there, you will camp in the local valleys and enjoy Tibetan hot pot.

School Trips to China

Day 1: Lixian Camping

During your first day in Lixian, students will be lunching at a local restaurant before trekking the mountain valleys to their campsite. After enjoying some Tibetan hot pot, you will have a bonfire party in the evening.

Day 2: Lixian Nima Tibetan

Day 2 of this outdoor school trips to China calls for more trekking in the morning. After lunch at a local restaurant, students get to climb trees and participate in some outdoor activities. That evening, you’ll have a BBQ dinner and another bonfire party.

Day 3: Departure

As part of the cultural learning aspect of this school trips to China, students will be visiting the Tibetan Sandong Temple and Tibetan Frescoes (西藏壁画, xī zàng bì huà). They will also take part in a praying activity.

Since this trip was originally designed as a domestic School Trips to China, our Academic Managers can help expand this trip to be more suitable for you. Surely you’d like to explore much more of Lixian with your students during your school trips to China!

Art camp in Huangshan

Our Art camp is a 6-day, 5-night trip to Huangshan (黄山, huáng shān).

Our Art camp Expert: Ya Mei

Ever since Ya Mei first picked up a paintbrush at the age of five, she has aspired to be a painter. Her work focuses on Zen aesthetics and nature. In 2012, Ya Mei founded Pu Xue She (樸學捨, pû xué shè) in Beijing, inspiring people to fall in love with Chinese calligraphy and ink painting. Her work encourages Chinese children and adults to embrace Chinese culture and art. She will be leading your students during this art-themed school trip to China.

Program Introduction

Our art leisure society invites everyone to make brushes, inks, ink stones, and seal carvings by yourselves while immersing yourselves in Chinese painting and calligraphy culture.

Our art-themed School Trips to China takes students through an immersive artistic journey. You will visit the mansions of Huizhou (惠州, huì zhōu) merchants and Tangmo Village (唐模村, táng mó cūn)—one of the first Chinese traditional villages—to experience the exquisite and beautiful architecture.

We will follow the footsteps of Xu Xiake (徐霞客, xú xiá kè), a famous Chinese travel writer and geographer (1587~1641), and hike Qiyun Mountain (齐云山, qí yún shān), a famous Taoist mountain that Xu Xiake once climbed twice in three years.

In the travel industry, it is often said that where you go is important, but the people you travel with make it even better. At WildChina, we arrange activities that integrate culture and social activities in the evening.

From reading ancient poems by the Xin’an River (新安江, xīn ān jiāng) to visiting seal-cutting studios, and from fan painting workshops to outdoor barbeques and fireside nights, we hope that students can build a real link with others.

Program Details

Day 1

After arriving in Huangshan, you’ll be taking a walk on Tunxi Old Street (屯溪老街, tún xī lâo jiē). In the studio of Yang Da, an expert in Huizhou brush-making, students will learn how to make a paint brush.

The rest of the day will be for learning how to make a variety of traditional Huizhou snacks with a pastry chef, including dumplings and spring rolls. That evening,  you’ll enjoy a Huizhou-style welcome dinner along with an opening ceremony and some icebreaker activities.

Day 2

Wake up ready to learn all about traditional Chinese arts, because that’s what you’ll be doing today on your school trip to China. In the morning, students will visit the Laohu Kaiwen Ink Factory (老胡开文墨厂, lâo hû kāi wén mò châng) in Shexian Country (歙县, shè xiàn), a century-old ink factory, to make ink and ink stones.

In the afternoon, Ya Mei will be teaching you five types of calligraphy at the Lanting Calligraphy School of Huangshan City (黄山市兰亭书法院, huáng shān shì lán tíng shū fǎ yuàn). Once evening rolls around, appreciate ancient poetry through a poetry reading session on the banks of the Xin’an River (新安江, xīn ān jiāng).

Day 3

The theme of day 3 is all about architecture and landscapes. Appreciate the charm of Huizhou architecture in the West Garden of Huizhou Merchants’ Mansion (徽商大宅院西园, huī shāng dà zhái yuàn xī yuán) and Tangmo Village.

It’s time for another lesson with Ya Mei! Today, students will learn how to paint Chinese paintings of flowers, birds, figures, landscapes, and ancient people at the Tang Mo Old Ancestral Hall (唐模老祠堂, táng mó lǎo cí táng). That night, students will learn about seal cutting and seal making at the Hui School Seal Cutting Studio (徽派篆刻工作室, huī pài zhuàn kè gōng zuò shì).

Day 4

On the morning of day 4, students will hike the Baiyue Qiyun Mountain (白岳齐云山, bái yuè qí yún shān) and visit the Xu Xiake Ancient Road. The art lesson of the day includes a mixture of poetry, calligraphy, painting, and printing. Later in the day, students will hand paint paper fans or souvenir cards.

Day 5

On day 5, you’ll visit Hongcun (宏村, hóng cūn) for an exhibition on the creations of humanity. That afternoon, you’ll visit yet another location, the Mukeng Bamboo Sea (木坑竹海, mù kēng zhú hǎi). Since this would be the last night of your school trip to China, enjoy an outdoor barbecue while stargazing and partaking in an insect identification activity.

Day 6

On your last day, students will share and exhibit their works and clean up the camp site before you head back home.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Huangshan!

STEAM camp: NAIS Shanghai Summer School

Program Introduction

Our newest STEAM School Trips to China is a 1-week program that focuses on STEAM learning, creativity, PBL (problem-based learning), experiential learning, critical thinking, and much more. This School Trips to China is 5 days long with different activities for each day.

Program Details

Day 1

Once students have arrived at the camp site, they will check in and participate in an ice breaking session with their peers. As part of a team building activity, students will have fun with a leg on boat race. That afternoon, SDG knowledge will be taught through game-based learning. In the evening, students will gather for a Summer School Opening Brief.

Day 2

Day 2 of this school trip in China will be spent as a Nature Day where students can tune in to their five senses while observing nature, those around them, and themselves. The day starts with an herbarium activity followed by DIY farming and a plant cyborg workshop.

Day 3

The theme of day 3 is the Olympics, which constitutes lots of physical exercises paired with further ice breaking and cultural exchange. As part of the cultural exchange aspect, our Country Fair allows students to share their country’s culture by designing their country’s flag, costume, and chant. The Olympic day includes a relay race, sailing, archery tag, and a running man game.

Day 4

Dino Day is the overarching theme of day 4. The goal is to get students to practice their creativity and imagination through a theme-based storyline. Students will also learn about evolution from the perspective of a dinosaur. In the morning, students will make their own dinosaurs and participate in a Jurassic Park game. The afternoon will be for dinosaur cookie baking and a dinosaur treasure hunt.

Day 5

The last day of week one is Science Day. Students will learn about the secret of electricity through STEAM learning, experimental thinking, team work, and hands-on activities. One of the crucial topics students will learn is the electric circuit, static electricity, and theory. Activities include walking bottles and dirt battery making (泥土发电, ní tû fā diàn). Students will get to design a cool lamp that can be switched on using auditory cues.

A parting word from WildChina

Established in 2000, WildChina is committed to creating life-changing experiences through providing customized experiential education programs. We have hosted programs at more than 100 destinations across Asia and have worked with more than 1000 schools and nonprofit organizations throughout the world. If any of the three programs piqued your interest today, you should join us for a school trip to China. We are reachable by phone and email. Our Academic Managers can answer any questions or concerns you may have. Talk to you soon!


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