School Trips to China

Founded in 2000, WildChina is one of Asia’s largest and oldest educational travel companies. Staffed by educators, we pride ourselves on meeting the specific needs of each and every school and educational organization we work with. This means we don’t just offer standard travel and tourism: We tailor our educational programs to best fit your exact learning objectives, schedules, and budgets.
Because we work on the ground, our local knowledge and networks help open doors to otherwise inaccessible insider opportunities. This means we create interactive and empowering experiences that are life changing for both our clients and the communities we visit. We believe travel and learning go hand in hand. and we are proud to work with hundreds of the world’s leading educators who feel the same.

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Insight China: 13 Days Trip to Beijing, Yangshuo and Shanghai
Your Journey Map Day 1 | Itinerary: (D) PM: Arrive in Beijing and meet your…
School Trips To China
Your Journey Map Day 1 | Itinerary: (D) PM: Arrive in Beijing and meet your…
Classics China 10 days
Your Journey Map Day 1 | Itinerary: (D) PM: Arrive in Beijing and meet your…

Why choose us?

School Trips in China
We fully risk-assessed each program including destination, accommodation, transport and attraction venues. We work with creditable, reliable, and accredited partners so that students can be assured of the best learning Journey
At WildChina Education, we believe that the student experiences that we curate have an influence on communities and the environment. For us, this means making the right choices in how, where and with whom we do business – and crucially, being transparent about the principles that guide our daily decisions.
Learning focused
We provide customized experiential learning programs for schools, colleges, and universities. We focus on your subjects and learning objectives. We include experiential learning activities to engage students in active learning.

Frequently asked questions about School Trips to China

There are currently no travel restrictions between Macau and Mainland China. Tourist visas are not being granted to visitors to Mainland China at this time. Upon entry, visitors are expected to quarantine in a central location from 7 to 14 days. The length may vary dependent on the country you are flying from and the city you are flying to. 

It depends on what subject you are focusing on, however, most school groups visiting China for the first time opt to go for the classical destinations in the following locations

  • The Great Wall in Beijing 
  • The Forbidden City in Beijing 
  • Tiananmen Square in Beijing 
  • The Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an 
  • The Former French Concessions of Shanghai 
  • The Financial district in Shanghai 
  • The Giant Panda Reserve in Chengdu 

If it is not your first time visiting China we highly recommend travelling off-the-beaten-path with us to discover China beyond its ‘headlining’ destinations. 

Because China is so large any time of the year is suitable to visit China. In the summer months the Northern regions are still cool, and in the winter months – southern parts of China – like Hong Kong and Guangzhou remain warm.

China’s largest cities have GDPs and standards of living comparable to Seoul, Tokyo and Singapore. Although there are many parts of China that are still developing most of the classical China ‘must-visits’ are located in China’s most developed cities. That is why a school trip to China that include all of the China classics is not cheap. However, if you’re willing to see a version of China that travelers rarely experience then we’re more than happy to take you off-the-beaten-path. 

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