At WildChina, We believe so many high-impact, lasting, and valuable lessons for life can be learned outside of the classroom. We are proud to work with hundreds of the world’s leading educators who feel the same.

Gardens by the Bay

How do plants adapt for survival in harsh conditions?. What can we do to protect the precious plant species on the verge of extinction? Get back in touch with nature and embark on a learning escapade with us at Gardens by the Bay.
Program outline:
A Green World: Appreciate the unique technologies that have been introduced at Gardens by the Bay and marvel in the botanical wonder of our Cooled Conservatories, Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. Be awed by the vertical splendour of The Supertrees and recognise the innovative blend of the ‘natural’ environment with modernity. Students will discover how plants adapt to there environment, the effects of human activities on climate, and the energy

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Based at the National University of Singapore, the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum house Singapore’s national and reference collection of preserved zoological specimens as well as the University’s herbarium. The specimens are used for comparative research on the flora and fauna of Singapore and the Southeast Asian region. They are the preserved physical records of the region’s biodiversity. The Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum offers a range of curriculum-based educational workshops and other programmes for teachers and students in the area of natural history and ecology. These activities seek to arouse curiosity and educate students of the rich natural history and heritage in Singapore; facilitate a better appreciation and understanding of conservation in Singapore; foster experiential-learning and creative thinking in students; and provide students with opportunities to carry out research projects and interact with scientists.
Program outline:
Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum Gallery Tour: This gallery tour aims to introduce students to the role of the museum in biodiversity research and education to the vast array of specimens showcased in the biodiversity and heritage galleries of the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum. Our guides will share from their own knowledge and experiences, various additional information about selected specimens found in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Exclusive behind-the-scene stories of the exhibits will also be shared.

Edible Urban Gardens

Urban farming community Edible Garden City champions the sustainable living movement and encourages everyone else to do so. Variety of growing methods in the 8000 sqm facility demonstrates the viability of productive farms in offices, malls, and community centres, making safe, fresh, nutritious produce accessible to all in the near future. By closing the gap between food and people, we aim to reconnect city dwellers with nature. Students will participate in a guided tour around Citizen Farm which features the unique farming stations along with a talk that will dive into solutions for food security, food waste and social issues .
Program outline:
Discover a fresh view of Singapore, and take a peek behind the scenes of our nation’s burgeoning agriculture industry. Join us as we share our vision for the future of farming in Singapore – under-utilised spaces, indoor farming systems, native plants and care farming. Experience a multi-sensory farm tour as our farmer brings you through our unique urban farming solution, including stops at our indoor microgreens room, outdoor gardens, and container farms. Learn about the closed- loop and minimal-waste model of growing vegetables that we adopt here in our urban farm, and how farming could be used as a platform to create a more inclusive and healthy society. Find out how we are reconnecting city dwellers with nature, and about sustainable farming systems such as regenerative agriculture and food forestry.


Sky Greens is the world’s first low carbon, hydraulic driven vertical farm. Using green urban solutions to achieve production of safe, fresh and delicious vegetables, using minimal land, water and energy resources. Sky Greens endeavours to becoming the world leading solution provider for integrated, sustainable and green urban agriculture technology. Students will enjoy a guided tour and get to learn about the farm and see for themselves how the high tech farm uses innovative technology to achieve high productivity in land scarce Singapore. During the farm tour, students will also get to see 2 prototypes being a floating platform and rooftop farming model.
Program outline:
During the farm tour, students will also get to see 2 prototypes being a floating platform and rooftop farming model. Tour of the Sky Greens Vertical Farming System and understanding how it works and its advantages, compared to old and modern farming practices. Tour of farm peripherals such as control room, fishery, indoor nursery and farm stay, and understanding its roles.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

A UNESCO World Heritage Site and established in 1859 by an agri-horticultural society, the Singapore Botanic Gardens has been an important part in the cultural and economic history of Singapore. The Education Branch at the Singapore Botanic Gardens offers a large variety of tours and educational workshops. These programmes are designed to promote nature awareness and to bring out the ‘green thumb’ in people. The Education Branch’s greatest wish is that even the least botanically-inclined will aspire to better works of horticulture after attending.
Program outline:
Singapore Botanic Gardens – Our Heritage:
Singapore Botanic Gardens Heritage tour. Highlights of this heritage tour include a tour of the SBG Heritage Museum. The museum features interactive exhibits and panels that share little known facts of the Gardens’ rich heritage, as well as rare artefacts including botanical books, paintings, and some of the Gardens’ historical landmarks. Students will be enthralled and enriched by the rich heritage of the Gardens.

Conservation of the Native Orchids of Singapore:
Do you know that, of the 226 species of native orchids recorded in Singapore, more than 170 are considered to be extinct? Only five of them are common. Join this program to learn about the recent orchid conservation programme, which sets out to monitor existing species, explore ways to conserve their germplasm and increase their number in various appropriate environments in Singapore. Participants will be amazed by the horticultural considerations and challenges involved in this meaningful re-introduction exercise.

Singapore Discovery Centre

Find out about the past, present and future of Singapore in an interactive, hands-on-immersive experience at the Singapore Discovery Centre (SDC). The integrated themes provide a multi-sensory experience as you learn about our history and the exciting plans in store for Singapore. SDC aims to be a Net-Zero building by 2025. The Net Zero roadmap includes using high performance building systems, reducing the operation energy usage through IOT,AI based controls, renewable energy,demand response etc. SDC aims to display their success story to their visitors to create awareness and educate the next generation about achieving Zero target in line with the national vision.
Program outline:
Solar Panels:
It’s matte, it’s black and it floats on pontoons in reservoirs – it’s solar panels! Ever wondered why solar energy is the most viable source of renewable energy in Singapore? Let’s take a closer look at what solar panels look like and find out how solar energy has helped SDC in reducing its reliance on electricity.

Urban Garden:
Have you ever seen plants growing on compact urban spaces such as the rooftops of HDB blocks or walls of office buildings?Learn how modern urban farming solutions can help potentially solve Singapore’s battle with food security.

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