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The best hands-on STEAM classes in China​, Science Academy.

Science Academy, a premier STEAM education brand, has come under the co-management of WildChina Education and DXL. Science Academy currently teaches thousands of students STEAM subjects like physics, geology, environmental science, biology, chemistry, space sciences, technology and engineering.  

Since 2016, we have been bringing engaging and innovative STEAM classes to China’s top schools. 

Science Academy Partner Schools

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math – all of these subjects are critical in giving us the tools for lifelong learning and lead us to develop a passion for investigating our world. 

Best science classes in China

We are all about learning by doing, and that applies to science as well. We carefully curate scientific experiments that spark curiosity, encourage investigative thought, and foster an ‘explorer’ mentality for students aged 5 to 17.

From the grandness of outer space, to the minute bacteria all around us – molecules in the air, chemical reactions in our bodies, the compression of rock, the formation of ocean. The more we delve into the whys of our universe, the more wonder and respect for our world we inspire in our students.

best STEAM in China

Science is all around us but only if we care to look for it. With our STEAM classes we aim to unlock the ‘explorer’ in every child – we want every child to constantly be asking ‘why’.

Where does the wind come from? Why are there four seasons? Why does water permeate this but not that? Why do some things that are actually the same look completely different? Why is the sky blue? Why does the sun rise?  

best science ECA in China

Together with WildChina Education, Science Academy has become a mobile science lab. We are be bringing STEAM experiments and classes to schools and students all over China and Asia. Look for our diverse, educational, and extremely FUN science classes and camps if you’re looking to gift your child the love of the ‘why’s and a fascination with the ‘how’s of the world.    

best science class in china

What do the Parents Say?

“This is our family’s favorite ECA, as long as this class exists, we’ll keep sending our children “

“My child came home and proudly showed me how to use a stethoscope, they really liked this subject.”

“Really grateful to the teachers who inspired curiosity, enthusiasm and the desire to explore in my children.”

best STEAM classes in China

Lessons last between 1hr to 90 minutes. Each class comprises multiple 10-15min segments, ranging from demo, discussion, or activity. Our dynamic studies bridge the gap between concepts and real life, capturing students’ attention and sparking genuine curiosity. Besides cultivating students’ passion for science, our programs also provide grounds for students to practice SEL, such as teamwork and presentation skills. Finally, each lesson includes a take-home that allows students to reinforce what they have learned in class while sharing it with friends and family. Note: we will provide all materials needed in class.

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Science Academy has provided top quality science exploration courses to international and bilingual schools such as BISS British School, NACIS Nord Anglia Bilingual School, NAIS, YKPao Pao Yugang School, SISS Singapore International School, Vanke Minhang Bilingual School, Vanke Pudong School, Vanke Bilingual Kindergarten and many more.

Repeat sign up rates are as high as 80% garnering so much love and interest from students and parents alike.

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