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About this Journey

Emerging out of a unique and complicated modern history, Taiwan has developed into a fascinating and multi-faceted modern society and economy. Mixing Taiwanese Indigenous, Chinese and Japanese culture, as well as traces of many other cultures, Taiwan offers up a range of locations with wildly different ambiences, if only one knows where to look. In recent decades, Taiwan has also developed beyond being the producer of a myriad of cheap “Made in Taiwan” articles to becoming a technological innovator and one of the world’s leading producers of information and communication technology products. It ranked 8th out of 64 economies in the World Competitiveness Yearbook released by International Institute for Management Development in June 2021.

Learning Objectives

This 5-day Taiwan STEAM & Language program will provide students with a glimpse of the many facets of the Taiwanese economy, society, and culture. Travelers will spend the better part of a week in the north of Taiwan, which forms the island’s economic center. During this time, they will explore historical Taiwanese cultural and economic life by visiting the old trading hubs of Tamsui and Sanxia, as well the former gold mines of Yilan Jiufen. Travelers will also learn about the innovative sustainable future of energy production in Taiwan by visiting a geothermal power plant. Finally, students will engage in a two-day STEAM exchange with underprivileged students from Sanxia. This experience will not only give students an opportunity to get their hands dirty but will allow them to practice their Chinese, befriend local students, and make memories that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

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