With summer fast approaching, it’s time to start planning ahead and discover what meaningful experiences you can provide for your students. Our 2022 Summer Camp in China will be launching in major cities and provinces across China. We welcome all students to enroll in our summer camp in China and reap the benefits of this unique opportunity to learn and grow.

Summer is the season of relaxation and travel. It’s also the perfect season to be productive with your time. You might pick up a hobby, learn a craft, or engage in activities that help you self-improve physically and mentally. WildChina Education’s 2022 Summer Camp in China makes use of students’ time productively, and is designed to attract students who are looking to take part in a life-changing experience that is both educational and entertaining.

There are many reasons as to why your students will want to enroll in our 2022 Summer Camp in China. Parents who are looking to occupy their kids with something meaningful and worthwhile this summer will be happy to hear that our programs bring both students and parents closer to their schools.

Unfortunately, the recent lockdowns in China have resulted in students across China having to continue their classes online in the confines of their home. Once the lockdowns conclude, it’s good to remind students of the importance of in-person learning and have them re-connect with their teachers and peers. Our 2022 Summer Camp in China is committed to getting students socializing, moving, and learning.

summer camp in China

If you have new incoming students this fall, why not make their transition easier? Our 2022 Summer Camp in China will provide incoming students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with their new school, teachers, and classmates.

Speaking of teachers, our 2022 Summer Camp in China includes a Staff Retreat Program that will also be a memorable experience for teachers who will be staying in their province over the summer break due to travel restrictions. It’s the perfect opportunity for new and current teachers to take advantage of each others’ availability and bond. Programs that foster positive relationships create classroom environments more conducive to learning and fulfilling students’ developmental, emotional, and academic needs.

What does our 2022 Summer Programs in China entail, and what can students expect?

Service-Learning Summer Camp

The activities that are included in our Service-Learning Summer Camp in China have been meticulously crafted by our team of expert program organizers to promote critical thinking and camaraderie while retaining students’ interests. It is our responsibility to instill Global Citizenship and Bias for Action to every student that goes on our programs. That is why each of our activities have an underlying objective that teaches students to be aware of and understand the wider world that they inhabit. Students will leave our Service-Learning Summer Camp in China as vigilant global citizens with an increased awareness of their responsibilities and roles in their local and world-wide community.

For secondary students looking to bolster their CV with impressive and meaningful life experiences, our Service-Learning Summer Camp in China provides students with that opportunity to demonstrate their positive attributes and traits to future academic and professional institutions.

summer camp in China

WildChina Education’s Rural Infrastructure Restoration & Home Stay Program in Guizhou packs in over 20 hours of service while giving students the chance to explore the unfamiliar cultures in Guizhou and explore the breath-taking offerings of mother nature. This program was designed in collaboration with the local Guizhou community. Groups will be residing in local homes at a rural village and focussing on executing a service-learning project. Project examples include but are not limited to water wheel construction, road restoration, eco-toilet building, and local school restoration. Our groups are granted unprecedented access to the lives and communities of the local people and are encouraged throughout the trip to reflect on global issues such as sustainability, infrastructure, and micro-economics.

Other Service-Learning Programs in China include:

  • Anhui Village Infrastructure Restoration
  • Hainan Sea Turtles Conservation
  • Yunnan Golden Monkeys Conservation
  • Gender Equality Studies in Yunnan
  • Tibetan Architecture Preservation

Programs Closer to Home

For teachers and parents who are cautious of unpredicted travel restrictions and/or potential COVID outbreak in other provinces, our In City/Province Summer Camp Programs and On-campus Summer Camp Programs have been designed with your concerns in mind. Summer is usually the season to escape your city. But why not take this time to explore and get to know your city further?

In City/Province Summer Camp

on campus summer camp

Our In City/Province Summer Camp covers major cities across China, and takes advantage of the unique offerings and resources located in each city. If you’re based in either of the following locations, consider enrolling your students in one of our many programs.

We operate in the following locations:


Beijing is Big. It’s bigger than Qatar, bigger than Lebanon, even bigger than the Bahaas put together. There are mountains, rivers, and almost 300 separate villages. There are a whopping 20 nature reserves which cover almost a full 10 percent of the municipality. There’s so much to explore!

Summer Camp Programs in Beijing include:

  • Wilderness Survival Camp
  • Sustainable Urban Development Camp
  • Qianmen Scavenger Hunt
  • Dragon boating at Jinhaihu
  • Drama Camp at the Peking Opera
  • Night at the Dinosaur Museum
  • Night at the Aquarium
  • Camping on the Great Wall


Our Shanghai programs focus on what makes Shanghai special. We harness the incredible knowledge of our teachers to show your students how to see Shanghai with new eyes – through tech, through architecture, and through nature.

Summer Camp Programs in Shanghai include:

  • Architecture Camp
  • STEAM & Nature Education
  • Rowing Camp
  • Wilderness Survival
  • Coding for Communities
  • Dianshan Lake Cycling & Kayaking


Zhejiang is home to lush forests and wild woods, rivers, lakes, streams and gullies. Pristine getaways are just minutes away from major cities if you know where to go. Rekindle a passion for nature and learn something life-changing.

Summer Camp Programs in Zhejiang include:

  • Outdoor Education in the Mountains
  • Ancient Mountain Traditions
  • Wilderness Survival
  • Rescue Swimming & Watersports Camp
  • Chicken Coop Building Service Project
  • Duke of Edinburgh International Award


Our programs in Jiangsu harness both the lakeside natural environments and the timeworn traditions of her people. Learn about the lifestyles that make Jiangsu unique and immerse yourself in a slow and beautiful lakeside life this summer.

Summer Camp Programs in Jiangsu include:

  • The World Famous Jiangnan Culture
  • Lakeside High Ropes Challenge
  • Lakeside Camping
  • Culinary Camp
  • Wilderness Survival


Close to the mega metropolises that define the rise of 21st century Guangdong are the sleepy villages and bewitching coasts, rivers, valleys and peaks that attracted their early settlers. Our programs deliver the best of Guangdong’s both worlds.

Summer Camp Programs in Guangdong include:

  • Past & Future through Arts
  • Wilderness Survival Camo
  • Mangrove Studies
  • STEAM+ Drone Design Week
  • Duke of Edinburgh International Award
  • Kayaking & Canoeing Camp
  • Cycling & Hiking Camp


Tianjin might seem small but it’s also home to rustic farmlands, diverse coasts and hidden mountain trails. Having spent two decades exploring Tianjin, we are confident that we’ll show you a Tianjin you’ve never seen.

Summer Camp Programs in Tianjin include:

  • Tianjin Watersports Camp
  • Historical Reenactment Programs
  • Wilderness Survival
  • Duke of Edinburgh International Award
  • Farm life Immersion Experience
  • Kayaking & High Ropes Adventure Camp

On Campus Summer Camp

Our team of experiential education experts are trained in safeguarding, health & safety standards, working with students, and are fully bilingual. We will bring our expertise to your campus, and bring students and teachers closer together with fun and interactive activities.

On Campus Programs include:

  • Chinese Fairytale Camp
  • Zombie Apocalypse Survival
  • The Grand Soap Box Derby
  • Conductive Ink Workshop
  • Turning Sound into Light
  • Scale the School! (Urban Climbing)
  • Bookbags for the Better Service Project
  • Master Chef
  • Outdoor Skills Competencies

Fully Customizable Summer Camp Programs

Our team are experts on facilitating educational & team building programs for students and learners of all ages. From design to execution we put your desired outcomes at the forefront. After an initial consultation we flesh out the learning frameworks, activities, and method of delivery tailored just for your group. Some of our customized camp programs include:

  • Graduation Camp. For the graduates of 2022 who may be unable to celebrate their graduation in typical fashion, we have designed the perfect program that allows this year’s graduates the opportunity to get together and say goodbye to friends and peers in style.
  • Staff Onboarding Retreat. It can be challenging for first-year teachers to navigate a new school, a new city and form relationships with the staff. To ease the agony and enhance the integration process, our Staff Onboarding Retreat creates a variety of opportunities for new staff to get to know each other, to immerse themselves in their new home, and most importantly, feel that they belong to the new school.

WildChina Education Provides Safety and Experience

We have over 20 years of experience organizing and launching tried and tested learning programs for students of all ages across China. Our team of Academic Managers hold education-related Master/Doctorate degrees, and are ready to help your students reach whatever short-term and long-term goals they have.

WildChina Education is a proud partner of UNITAR. Our UNITAR certification means that our team has the qualifications, experience, and expertise to provide students with the fundamental knowledge and industry-specific skills required to enter the professional and academic world. Students may apply for a completion certificate issued by the United Nations Institute of Training & Research through the Shanghai government branch at CIFAL for the completion of relevant programs. WildChina Education is licensed to review and award these certifications for qualifying students.

The Health & Safety of our students is our number one priority when it comes to running a smooth and successful program. WildChina Education carries out regular guide and staff training to ensure that all members of our team are familiar with emergency protocols. All of our trips include at least one staff member with first aid training, and all have gone through an ‘Emergency Response’ training workshop.

Before any finalizations of our programs, we research and conduct thorough background checks of our destinations, so that any sudden change of plans can be immediately handled and rectified. Prior to each trip and as part of a very thorough risk assessment process, WildChina Education’s staff prepare an ‘emergency response plan’ by locating the closest hospitals and medical facilities in the vicinity of each segment of the program.

For all WildChina programs, we provide an emergency vehicle to enable swift transfers to the closest hospital. For programs that they place in remote locations, WildChina staff have the contact details of the appropriate ‘airlift’ medical evacuation services where available. It is mandatory for at least one member of the WildChina staff to carry with him/her a functioning phone to contact the emergency services. It should be noted that the majority of WildChina programs take place within a maximum 2-hour drive of an international or provincial level hospital.


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