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China–US Flights Resume

China-US Flights – Exciting updates from the travel industry report that come September 1, both Chinese and American airlines will be doubling up on the number of flights available to and from the US. Round...
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The Importance of Sustainability in Education and How We Integrate It into Our Programs

As an experiential education company that offers tailored school trips for students of all ages, sustainable education is always at the forefront of our minds. Sustainable education is becoming increasingly relevant as the world faces...
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China School Trip

A deep dive into 2022 Spring School Trips in China

Each year from March to early June, we organize our Spring Program, and nothing evokes the feeling of nostalgia in our students like a China School Trip, the cornerstone of the Spring season for kids...
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Why should I Plan a School trip to Taiwan

Why should I Plan a School trip to Taiwan?

Taiwan is a beautiful tropical island nation that is home to 9 Fortune 500 companies. It is widely considered to be the foremost producer/developer in semi-conductors and 45% of the working population are university educated...
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School Trip to Taiwan

School Trip to Taiwan

Taiwan is complicated. However, behind the geopolitics lies a truly diverse island. This diversity comes in many forms, predominantly in its cultural variety and breathtaking natural landscapes. WildChina Education celebrates this diversity, and from 2023...
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Spring Break Trips

Tips for Spring Break Trips in China

Spring Break in China Spring is known as the season of serenity and reinvigoration of life. Given the extremity of China’s cold winters and harshly hot summers, Spring is one of the best and relaxing...
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