Should High Schools Have Later Start Times?

Research suggests that middle and high school students do not get enough sleep, leading to poor academic performance
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Dragon Boat Festival

Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

WildChina Education wishes everyone a Happy Dragon Boat Festival! How much do you know of this festival? What are the traditions that take place? Take a look below to find out more. Scorpion 蝎子 In...
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Virtual classes for Huawei

China Virtual Classes for Huawei Seeds for the Future

The WildChina Education team has an unwavering drive and passion in helping people from all walks of life interact and immerse themselves in Chinese culture to the fullest degree. WildChina Education’s virtual classes for Huawei,...
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Summer Camp

Summer Camp in Songyang, China

Sign-ups for our Global Citizenship Summer Camp in Songyang are now open! Summer, long warm sunny days, an open schedule and no government body telling us to go online then offline then online again. Whatever...
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online learning

Online Learning: Reinspiring Education

Is Online Learning Here to Stay? In the past two years, you’ve probably heard the phrase ‘Things will get worse before they get better’ thrown around by politicians and doctors on news networks in regards...
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Virtual learning

How to Facilitate Memorable Virtual Classes: Lessons from Running WildChina Education’s Virtual Experiences

Most of WildChina Education's clients know us as a provider of school & university experiential learning programs, and more recently our Virtual Classes. From Harvard to Stanford, Oxford to Cambridge, Beida to Tsinghua, our clients know that we are the go-to people in delivering eye-opening lessons...
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School trips in Xian

School Trips in Xi’an: 7 Places You Should Be Exploring With Your Students

With COVID these days, sometimes, your city (or province, if lucky) becomes a country in itself. And why not? Instead of applying for visas, we apply for digital health codes. At WildChina Education, we’ve taken...
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school lockdown 2022

School Lockdown 2022: Remaining Positive in Turbulent Times

It’s been more than two years since COVID-19’s emergence into the world, and people continue to feel its impact on current government policies, work, school lockdown, and overall lifestyle.
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Sustainability Themed School Trips & World Sustainable Energy Days 2022: WildChina’s Best Practice in Shandong Province

World Sustainable Energy Days (WSED) is one of the largest annual conferences on climate neutrality and energy transition in Europe. This year, the WSED will take place in Wels, Austria on 5-8 April.
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Educational Travel

Duke of Edinburgh: Reviewing an Exciting Program

Since the Duke of Edinburgh’s (DofE) inception in 1956, the program is valued by countries all around the world for equipping youths with important life skills that they can apply in their journey towards adulthood.
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