Ten Cool China Field Trip Ideas for Students Planning For University

For students planning for University, taking a China Field Trip is the best to get the stress relief they need and recharge for the big step into University ahead of them. As we all know, there are many things outside of the classroom that only adventures through traveling can teach us.

WildChina wholeheartedly believes in the importance of travel and has helped schools plan and execute school trips to China both online and offline. Read on to get a glimpse into ten programs offered through WildChina that will help students prepare for University.

China Field Trip Ideas:

1. 3-Day Tianmu Mountain Adventure

This China Field Trip takes students on an adventure near Hangzhou, China. Located amongst the giant Japanese cedars, Tianmu Mountains is a famous UNESCO World Heritage Site filled with breathtaking mountain views and greenery. This immersive program covers the seven primary arrows: shelter, water, fire, food, tracking, awareness, and movement. It is designed to help students gain a broader understanding of the environment through hands-on experiences, plenty of outdoor activities, and team-building challenges such as healthy campfire cooking and raft building.

2. 7-Day Pamir Mountains Trek

Xinjiang is said by many to be the Wild West of China, filled with diversity and culture that has more in common with central Asian countries than China. This program will start with a village homestay under the stars on dazzling planes. This China Field Trip offers many more memorable activities, including having a nomadic dinner with local families, living in stone-built houses, and epic treks that will take them to iconic places such as Qaltumak and the Karakul Lake. Designed to work alongside the Duke of Edinburgh International Award, this program itinerary will certainly not disappoint anyone. Students will walk away with a lifetime of memories and a new perspective of China’s west.

3. 4-Day Shandong: Adventure In Mengshan and Yishui

This China Field Trip is perfect for students ready for an adventure. Located at Meng Mountain National Park and Shandong’s Karst Caves, students will hike, zipline, and raft in the greatness of Mother Nature. There are also many learning experiences along the way, such as how to set up and break down a campsite leaving no trace behind. Students will also participate in leadership activities that also involve community service. This program indeed challenges students and brings them a better appreciation for their environment.

4. 5-Day Sanya Sea Turtle Conservation

This program aims to teach students the importance of handling and caring for the various ecosystems in the waters, which surely will not disappoint. Students will travel to the beautiful island province off China’s southern coast to learn more about the diverse aquatic creatures inhabiting the ocean. Activities include learning how to handle sea turtles, swimming at the beaches on Monkey Island, and viewing whale sharks out in the sea.

5.4-Day Water Preservation And Public Health In China (Hangzhou)

This China Field Trip is designed to help students learn about Chinese Public Health through water preservation projects, site visits, and lectures. Located in two of Zhejiang’s most scenic spots, students will enjoy the West Lake in Hangzhou, Qiandao Lake, access to places like the Nongfu Spring Water plant, and participate in DIY water filter workshops. Students will learn the value of water preservation and how it plays a profound role in Public Health.

6. 7-Day Expedition Across Western Sichuan

Sichuan, known for its spicy food, diverse ethnicities, and pandas, is an unforgettable experience for students fortunate to travel through it. In this program, students will gain invaluable insight into cultural understanding through an immersive experience. On their expedition, they will taste the traditional Sichuan hot pot dinner, visit the Wolong Panda Base, explore ancient Tibetan villages, and much more.

7. 5-Day Avatar Mountain Trek

The Avatar mountains are one of China’s most popular destinations in Zhangjiajie, and one glance at the breathtaking views will leave a lasting impression. This China Field Trip is designed for excitement as groups will have the memorable experience of outdoor education through team-building activities. Students will visit many historical sites such as Phoenix Town, the former residence of the great writer Shen Congwen (1902-1988), and hiking the Golden Whip Brook.

8. 5-Day Cultural Immersion And Service In China’s Ancient City: Dali

Dali is a mesmerizing Ming-era town tucked between Cang Mountain and Erhai Lake with deep roots in ancient China. It was once the chief city of Yunnan and the capital of the Nanzhao Kingdom, and to this day, Dali retains much of what was built there so long ago. Students in this program will be immersed in this ancient town’s culture and learn about an era of China that has been almost forgotten. Activities include taking kung-fu lessons, creating fengyi pottery, and making flower hats.

9. 7-Day The Art Of Shaolin Kungfu

For this action-packed experience, students will be traveling between the Zhengzhou towns of Luoyang and Dengfang to get a glimpse into the origins of Chinese Kung Fu. This China Field Trip offers a unique experience as students will visit the Shaolin Temple and interact with real Shaolin monks. Not only will the monks be putting on a show, but students will also be attending an immersive kung fu class that will show them the value of this ancient practice. Other activities include hiking the beautiful mountains in the area, visiting a local orphanage, and learning to cook Chinese cuisine in a local vocational school.

10. 7-Day Miao Village Homestay: Life Through A Lens

Guizhou province offers extraordinary mountain scenery and fascinating minority cultures that have retained their traditional way of life for centuries. This program provides students with an immersive historical and cultural experience through photography and service-based learning. Students will learn basic photography skills through workshops and projects based on their beautiful scenery. As well as learning new skills, students will get involved in a local primary school and understand the value of giving back to the community culminating in a weeklong experience that will stay in their minds for a lifetime.

WildChina Creates Memorable And Valuable Experiences For Teachers And Students.

With over 20 years of experience and an in-house team of academic managers who hold educational-related master’s and doctorate degrees, plus our sustainable relationship with local experts and partners, WildChina is able to support schools’ educational china field trip outside the classroom. Despite all the challenges, WildChina Education managed to make an incredible amount of various programs that could be basically run EVERYWHERE and ANYWHERE for the China school trip experience.

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