Time for Your Summer Adventure! Selected Summer Camps for Families and Children

The splendid sunshine, lush grasslands, and azure sky… how could one resist such vibrant summer beauty? Of course, we must check off the destinations on our list during the holiday!

Whether experiencing the freedom and vastness of nomadic culture that flourishes on the magnificent grasslands or delving deep into the history and future of a city, our primary goal is to provide children with a different perspective through in-depth interactions with local residents and inspire them to engage in more profound and meaningful contemplation under our guidance.

We have numerous other exciting options available: outdoor adventures, historical exploration, multicultural experiences, and ecological discoveries, all ready for you!

This summer, let’s explore the vast world together and enjoy a study tour filled with enriching experiences!

Beijing Summer Camp: Ancient Trail Restoration 6.8-6.10

The Dragon Boat Festival holiday may be short, but we wouldn’t want the children to stay indoors, would we? Therefore, we have specially designed the highly acclaimed Beijing Ancient Trail Restoration Trip as a special Dragon Boat Festival itinerary. It’s perfect for parents who want to take a short trip while ensuring that their children have a meaningful and enjoyable time.

Listening to experts explain the history of the ancient path in western Beijing, joining in the restoration work with friends, and embarking on a treasure hunt at the thousand-year-old Tanzhe Temple – isn’t this a fantastic way to spend the Dragon Boat Festival?

Singapore Family Camp: Global Nation Global Citizenship 7.20-7.26

Singapore, as the most popular educational destination for Chinese parents, rightfully holds the title of our star program. We will accompany the children in exploring the spirit of global citizenship in this vibrant and unique international city. Not only can we experience the harmonious coexistence of diverse cultures and religions at every turn, but we can also witness Singapore’s bold innovation in sustainable development at locations like the NEWater Plant, Edible Garden, and Gardens by the Bay.

Hulunbuir Family Camp: Majestic Nomadic Land 6.23-6.30 / 7.13-7.20 / 8.4-8.11

Situated on the China-Russia border, Hulunbuir boasts not only the unique nomadic culture nurtured by its magnificent grasslands but also communities of Russian and Ewenki peoples.

Children will get to experience different ethnic cultures firsthand and understand the unique ways in which the grassland people live wisely and harmoniously with nature. From the Mongolian traditional wrestling to the Ewenki practice of raising reindeer and conducting picnics using local resources, children will transform into little shepherds, tending to lambs, brewing milk tea, wandering through the grasslands, and exploring the diverse natural landscapes, experiencing the pure and magnificent nature.

Hong Kong Summer Camp: PBL on Hong Kong’s Past and Future 7.14-7.20

When it comes to Hong Kong, children may only recognize it as a bustling international metropolis. However, behind its transformation from a small fishing village to its current state lies a hidden history.

Through project-based learning, we will help children gain an in-depth understanding of the continuously changing and developing Hong Kong. This includes visits to the University of Hong Kong and the Chinese University of Hong Kong, discussions about their career development interests, simulating asset management to understand Hong Kong’s financial system, engaging in discussions with art institution managers to design a museum art store, and designing renovated plans for historical buildings in Hong Kong.

Guizhou Family Camp: Eye of Heaven & Ethnic Villages 6.23-6.20 / 7.14-7.21 / 8.3-8.10

If Singapore is the star destination overseas, then the domestic spotlight undoubtedly falls on Guizhou.

With its typical karst landforms of diverse and complex types, Guizhou features magnificent terraced fields and towering mountain ranges. This mysterious land is home to various vibrant ethnic minority groups. During our visit, we will learn about Miao ethnic group’s lusheng, experience the wax printing of the Gejia people, listen to the songs of the Dong people, and immerse ourselves in the colorful ethnic customs. Additionally, we will have in-depth STEAM experiences such as visiting the Eye of Heaven 天眼 to see the FAST radio telescope, DIY FAST models, and experiencing the charm of science.

Changbai Mountain Summer Camp: Biogeological Fieldwork Expedition 7.21-7.26

China boasts vast and diverse landforms, each with its own unique beauty. Mountains in karst landscapes often appear as peculiar peaks, rising conically, with peaks resembling saddles between them. Changbai Mountain, known as the “Northeast’s Number One Mountain,” presents a completely different form.

On one side, it showcases a fascinating fusion of snowy mountains and volcanoes, while on the other side, it nurtures the rivers and streams of Northeast China. Here, a pristine forest ecosystem supports precious flora and fauna, creating a habitat for a myriad of beautiful creatures.

To truly understand the uniqueness of Changbai Mountain, one must explore it in the company of those who truly comprehend its beauty. We have specially invited experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences to accompany the children on a genuine exploration of the natural geology and biology of this area. Furthermore, exciting outdoor activities such as stream tracing, river rafting, and more await the children, allowing them to truly immerse themselves in this picturesque landscape!

Luoyang Summer Camp: The Origin of Ancient Chinese Culture 7.20-7.25 / 8.12-8.17

When talking about Luoyang, one cannot overlook its millennia-old status as an ancient capital. This city, witnessing the most ancient, longest, and most dynasties in Chinese civilization, has borne witness to the splendid and enduring culture of the Xia people.

Here, through project-based learning, we will delve into the origins of Chinese civilization, exploring the rich archaeological practices and visiting sites to understand why Luoyang is hailed as a world cultural heritage site.

Ningxia Family Camp: The Ancient Lands of Xia Dynasty 7.20-7.25 / 8.12-8.17

Are you a history enthusiast looking for thrilling adventures? Then Ningxia’s itinerary is sure to meet your expectations! You can hike through the desert to observe the stars at night, learn about the mysterious Western Xia dynasty, visit ancient prehistoric human cultural sites and the ancient rock paintings of Helan Mountain. Children will not only witness the unique vast landscapes of the northwest but will also experience the enchanting historical and cultural aspects of this region.

Xi’an Family Camp: Traditional Chinese Culture in Ancient Chang’an 8.18-8.21

If children are eager to see the Terracotta Army at the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor, our Xi’an itinerary has got them covered! Besides visiting the Terracotta Army, they will engage with experts to learn about its restoration – a rare opportunity! Additionally, they will visit the spectacular Tang Paradise at night, immersing themselves in the grandeur reminiscent of ancient Chang’an. While in Xi’an, they cannot miss the opportunity to explore the rich intangible cultural heritage, including shadow puppetry and lion dance workshops.

Yangshuo Summer Camp: Advanced Outdoor Skills 7.20-7.26 / 8.12-8.17

For children seeking truly exhilarating outdoor activities, Yangshuo is the place to be. Other itineraries may include hiking and cavern exploration, but for rock climbing and zip-lining, only our Yangshuo itinerary offers the thrill.

Apart from these, there are wild experiences like orienteering hikes, wilderness cooking, Roman water guns, and more. Yangshuo not only offers outdoor adventures; it also presents unique ethnic minority experiences. Children will visit Zhuang villages to experience ecological farming and venture into Yao villages to learn about their long hair culture and immerse themselves in the local customs.

Yunnan Tacheng Family Camp: Intangible Cultural Heritage 7.20-7.25

Looking for a profound experience of ethnic minority culture? Then Yunnan’s Tacheng offers the best choice. Each activity, from experiencing traditional archery of the Naxi people to witnessing the Tibetan “Shen Chuan Reba” dance and trying grass skirt-making in the mysterious village of Malimasa, promises a unique experience.

Ready for this summer? Contact us for detailed itineraries, and embark on an unforgettable adventure in China!

This summer, embark on a journey of exploration and discovery with our exciting range of china educational travel! From the ancient trails of Beijing to the multicultural experiences of Singapore, the majestic grasslands of Hulunbuir to the historical depths of Hong Kong, there’s something for everyone. Dive into the heart of Guizhou’s ethnic villages, explore the biogeology of Changbai Mountain, uncover the origins of ancient Chinese culture in Luoyang, and immerse yourself in the ancient lands of the Xia Dynasty in Ningxia. Discover traditional Chinese culture in Xi’an, master advanced outdoor skills in Yangshuo, and experience the rich intangible cultural heritage of Yunnan’s Tacheng. Don’t miss out on these enriching experiences – contact us today for detailed itineraries and embark on an unforgettable student trip to china!

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