Top 3 Student Trips in China

The development of a rounded and dynamic character requires traveling beyond the confines of the classroom. learn best 3 Student Trips in China from here. Our award-winning WildChina Education team are experts in this field.

They custom design and deliver innovative travel programs for groups of all ages and learning objectives and travel to every corner of the Middle Kingdom. Each journey draws on China’s strengths in allowing students to display their full potential, and encourages them to give back to the communities in which they stay.

So why not join us, step out of your comfort zone, and see China as you’ve never seen it before on once of our intricately crafted student tours.

Here are three of our favorites.

Best 3 Student Trips in China

Shenzhen Maker Spaces

Creativity, among the qualities most valued by college admission officers, comes in many forms. In Shenzhen, China’s first Special Economic Zone, a spectacular display of uniquely Chinese innovation awaits.

The makers movement, a global culture which has taken root in Shenzhen, is appealing to thinkers and tinkerers of all ages and walks of life. On this WildChina Education program, students will explore the city’s first maker space, a creative hub which allows all kinds of individuals to share their skills and expertise to develop new ideas.

Here students gain first-hand knowledge of creativity and collaboration in the work place; they learn about Shenzhen’s unique achievements and the way in which these have fueled economic growth, and further integrated China with the world.

Using exciting new technology, they’ll design their own mini-car, together with exploring 3-D printers and app-making platforms. And in the true spirit of the maker space, students will convey their new-found understanding to those at home and abroad, displaying both global and culturally specific insight.

Ready to put your STEM knowledge to the test? Learn more about our Shenzhen Makers Spaces educational program.


Guizhou: Life through a Lens

Both art and service can be an antidote to prejudice, a way to build self-confidence, and an invitation to a new perspective. They can also personalize an application to a top school.

Our Guizhou photography program combines these areas, enabling students to see the country through a whole different lens. Students are guided throughout by a professional photographer, and enjoy plenty of constructive feedback and discussion of their work.

Student trips Guizhou

In rural Wuyao village students live and work with the local Miao minority, challenging themselves in a largely mod-con free environment. Capturing the world through art, students will get to know the local people and landscape and learn about the importance of conserving it. This is a program that helps to foster a variety of soft skills, skills that will serve students throughout their lives.

Ready to capture the increasingly rare glimpse of minority life in China? Consider organizing our Guizhou: Life through a Lens program

Gansu: Paleontological Dino Dig

Becoming a well-rounded student requires developing a set of unique interests that are separate from the classroom; equally it requires cultivating an innovative and adventurous attitude towards regular classroom subjects. And what better place to do so than in Gansu, an province that retains a sense of the “frontier,” and challenges both mind and body. Here budding paleontologists can test out their skills in a real dinosaur dig!

On a guided excavation, students learn about and dig for dinosaurs in the Changma Basin, one of China’s major fossil sites. They will learn how to delicately exhume ancient fossils and satiate their curiosity for bygone eras when dinosaurs roamed our planet.

With its wealth of historic and pre-historic charms, this tour is perfect for anyone interested in paleontology or archeology, including current or future students of these subjects. Traveling through time and space, students foster technical and academic skills, as well as a determined and enterprising spirit.

Amongst steep sand dunes, students try cooking their own BBQ meal, set up camp under the stars and in general, immerse themselves in the surprises and adventures of China’s “Wild West.”

This trip invites you to rise to several challenges and does so among some of China’s most spectacular scenic and historic sites. From the comparatively unexplored west end of the Great Wall, to the aptly named Thousand Buddha Grottoes (Mogao Caves), a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Would your students love to dig up dinos in the desert? Organize a Gansu: Paleontological Dino Dig

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