In the past few decades, Taiwan has become a hub for technological innovation, entrepreneurship, and cultural studies. For your university trip to Taiwan, WildChina can offer various study tour programs to meet your learning objectives, including Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Civil Rights, Sustainability, Cultural Studies, and many more. Based on the specific study topics you would like to fulfill, our Academic Managers are more than willing to plan trips for you to reach your institution’s learning outcomes. Let’s take a look at the programs we offer for university trips to Taiwan.

More than that, our trips can bring your college students past the touristy spots to truly experience the authentic Taiwan as it relates to your students’ field of study. We design award-winning trips that allow you to connect with Taiwan’s local people and culture.

As a basic overview, the itineraries we design will touch on educational institutions, local public establishments, and corporations. Education institutions include both universities and research centers/think tanks. Based on your designated learning objective we will determine where to take you and your students.

University Trips to Taiwan for College Students

Tech & Innovation

If tech and innovation is your students’ area of expertise, you’ll be no stranger to the fact that Taiwan is currently a tech powerhouse producing a large percentage of the world’s auto chips. As a result, the world experienced a major chip shortage during the pandemic. Wouldn’t it be exciting for your students to get a first-hand look at the inner workings of the industry? We can take you to Taiwan’s biggest fintech and manufacturing companies such as Solomon and Phison.

As part of this program, students get an opportunity to see how supply chain management and technological sectors work in Taiwan. Representatives at companies will be available to give your college students a tour and participate in a Q&A. Your students may also get a chance to meet scholars of the same field at the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research and engage in discourse on the increasingly politicized management of computer chips.

We can also take an excursion to Cingshuei Geothermal Power Plant for students to learn about Taiwan’s sustainable energy production. To get a sense of Taiwan’s role in STEAM education, we’ll visit the Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica.

Entrepreneurship & Sustainability

If the scope of your studies relates to entrepreneurship and sustainability, we can design an itinerary to show your college students around top corporations and commercial establishments in a fun and engaging way. Your students will get a chance to interact with local professionals, researchers, and students. We understand there’s a wide range of subjects that fit under entrepreneurship.

Still, as an example, our guides can take you to the Central News Agency, a public news agency for those studying journalism. We could also visit Condé Nast in Taipei to see what it’s like to work at a global mass media company and interact with seasoned professionals. We also recommend visiting the Neo Solar Power Corporation (NSP) to see the process of researching, developing, and manufacturing solar cells.

To learn more about Taiwan’s role in mitigating climate change and promoting sustainability, we can visit the Taiwan Asia Exchange Foundation. Depending on availability, we can also visit a manufacturing plant to see how they reduce their carbon footprint. Keep in mind that our itinerary designs are flexible, so we could combine different programs to match all aspects of your university trip’s learning goals.

Civil Rights, Culture, and International Relations

WildChina has an expert that can provide a lecture on Taiwan’s story and the history of Taiwan’s Indigenous communities. If social welfare is part of your students’ area of study, we can visit the Children’s Are Us Foundation during your university trip to Taiwan. The Children’s Are Us Foundation is a nonprofit organization for children with intellectual disabilities.

Kenting’s National Forest Recreation Area is rich with both terrestrial history and cultural history, which may be a bonus for students of international relations, cultural studies, botany, biology, or paleontology.

The wildlife and vegetation there are simply magical. A day on your university trip dedicated to cultural understanding could include visiting the Fo Guang Shan Monastery, which houses a monumental golden statue of Buddha. Feel your inner peace radiate as you step into the sacred space.

In the afternoon, we’ll let your students experience Pineapple Cake-making. These Taiwanese snacks are also known as Pineapple Tarts, made with a buttery shortbread exterior and a sweet and sour pineapple filling. Pineapples are a national symbol of good fortune and increased prosperity in Taiwan. At the end of the day, we’ll head toward Liouhe Night Market, where your students can devour all kinds of local foods and drinks.

Where’s the fun?” You ask

Downtime is, of course, scheduled to ensure optimal enjoyment for you and your students. As part of the leisurely activities between important visits, your students will get to enjoy the view from the Taipei 101 building and participate in team-building activities and language scavenger hunts. These activities will take you through Fort Santo Domingo and Tamsui Old Street, where you can really get a feel for the local atmosphere.

You’ll even get snack tours at the night markets if you’re into hearing about local culinary history. To make sure you and your students have time to relax and enjoy your stay after learning so much, we can end your trip at Kenting’s Baisha Beach and Eluanbi Lighthouse. Kenting Street is similar to night markets with its lively atmosphere and selection of seafood, given its close proximity to the sea.

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