What is the Best Time for a School Trip to Singapore?

Singapore is simply one of the easiest countries in South East Asia for a school trip. It is one of the top-ranking safest places in the world; there is an abundance of different foods from different cultures to try, it is incredibly tourist-friendly with English labels everywhere, and the consistent weather ensures that it is a fantastic destination year-round! What is the Best Time for a School Trip to Singapore?

You can take a school trip to Singapore year-round due to its favorable weather conditions. With an average temperature between 23-33°C, the weather is warm but enjoyable for whatever you plan to do. There is a lot of rain throughout the year so it’s a good idea to always carry a small, portable umbrella for those sudden downpours, though the rain is short-lived.

Although Singapore does not have an apparent distinction between the four seasons, the summer months of June – August are relatively hot. November to February is the monsoon season with frequent tropical downpours, and the torrents are short-lived.

While we all know a school trip to Singapore can be a considerable challenge coming from abroad, Singapore has been relaxing border restrictions, making taking students abroad a more effortless. Traveling abroad and experiencing other cultures is crucial for students’ mental health and plays a role in developing soft skills.

WildChina shares this belief in the importance of travel and has helped schools plan and execute Singapore school trips online and offline. Read on to gain insight into the different “seasons” for taking a school trip to Singapore and some of the other programs WildChina offers.

What is the Best Time for a School Trip to Singapore?

High Season

Best for shopping, tourism attractions, entertainment attraction

June-July, Late January- February

June and July are the busiest time for a school trip to Singapore, as schools are out for Summer break and shopping sale seasons begins. Get ready to sharpen your elbows as the streets will be crowded with tourists now that Singapore has relaxed its border policies.

January and February, typically when Chinese New Year is celebrated, are also central times for the shopping season in Singapore. Many local markets and shops may be closed during this time for the holiday, but more giant malls and tourist attractions remain open. Entertainment attractions also remain open but are ready for crowded venues.

Some activities WildChina provides perfect for the High Season:

Cookery Magic Pulau Ubin Island

Take students on a relaxing culinary adventure for this school trip to Singapore! This traditional cooking escapade is held in a 100-year Malay Village house on Pulau Ubin, a small island northeast of Singapore. There is a community of about 60 villagers on this small island, so students will be getting an in-depth look into 1960s Singapore and the culture before western influence. At the traditional village home, we will learn to make a healthy Malay dish called Nasi Kerabu, a dish made from 30 different wild jungle herbs which we will collect together around the house.

Urban Redevelopment Authority

On this indoor adventure (mind the outdoor heat!), we will take students to the Singapore City Gallery in the Urban Redevelopment Authority. The gallery is designed for self-discovery as students will venture through the many interactive exhibits. There are ten thematic areas and more than 50 audio/visual exhibits designed to give students a glimpse into Singapore’s urban development and transformation into the metropolis of today.


Best time to visit due to climate

December-January, March-May

Although Singapore does not have a winter season, December and January are the coolest months of the year in Singapore with an average temperature of around 23-24°C. This is the time best suited for travelers to venture outdoors and embrace the many cultures seen streetside of Singapore.

March to May sees the monsoon season roll in. Due to the rains, you will see cooler weather and fewer crowds around this time.

Forest Adventure

This adventure offers students a unique experience to engage in exciting obstacle courses within a lush and dynamic environment. Situated with the Bedok Reservoir park, 44 different obstacle courses include activities such as bridge-crossing, trapeze, log rolls, and ziplining over the reservoir. This immersive experience brings thrills to all participants in a safe environment staffed by trained instructors who will support students along the way.

Bumboat River Cruise

Take your students on a cruise along the Singapore River for a relaxing journey packed with history! On both sides of the river, students will witness old colonial buildings and traditional Chinese shops nestled among modern skyscrapers. This comfortable boat ride offers a great peak into the development of Singapore.

Low Season

Best Suited for Taking in the Cultures of Singapore


Despite being the low season, this is an excellent time for a school trip to Singapore. These months are when the post-summer holiday Singapore begins to prep for the monsoon season, so travelers are noticeably less. Also notable about these months are the country’s foremost cultural gatherings such as Singapore National Day, Hungry Ghost Festival, and the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Asian Civilisations Museum

The Asian Civilisations Museum is a must-do when taking your students to Singapore. The museum, dedicated to exploring Asia’s rich artistic heritage, offers an immense collection of artifacts providing students a deep dive into the ancestral cultures of Singaporeans. The museum also focuses on historical connections among Asian cultures. Students will be led on a guided tour where they will learn about how people of different Asian cultures lived in the past.

Traditional Tea Appreciation Ceremony

Bring your students on a culture learning journey. as the history of tea is a seminal part of Singapore Chinese culture. In this workshop, students will learn about tea’s culture, art, history, and impact on Chinese culture. We will learn about how tea was discovered, the tea-making process, how to properly brew, and the health benefits and importance in Singapore Chinese culture.

WildChina creates memorable and valuable experiences for teachers and students.

With over 20 years of experience, an in-house team of academic managers with educational-related master’s and doctorate degrees, and our sustainable relationship with local experts and partners, WildChina can support schools’ educational trips outside the classroom. Despite all the challenges, WildChina Education managed to make an incredible amount of various programs that could be run EVERYWHERE and ANYWHERE for the Singapore school trip experience.

WildChina provides safety and excellence in school trips to Singapore.

  1. WildChina ensures your students will be safe: We fully risk-assessed each program, including destination, accommodation, transport, and attraction venues. We work with creditable, reliable, and accredited partners so that students can be assured of the best learning Journey.
  2. WildChina creates sustainable adventures: At WildChina Education, we believe that the student experiences we curate influence communities and the environment. This means making the right choices in how, where, and with whom we do business – and crucially, being transparent about the principles that guide our daily decisions.
  3. WildChina adventures are learning-focused: We provide customized experiential learning programs for schools, colleges, and universities. We focus on your subjects and learning objectives. We include experiential learning activities to engage students in active learning.

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