WildChina and Leading Your International School Forge Strategic Partnership

Leading Your International School (LYIS) and WildChina Education are excited to announce a strategic partnership aimed at transforming experiential education opportunities globally.

WildChina Education, a pioneer in experiential education across Asia for over two decades, has been dedicated to crafting immersive learning programs for top educational institutions globally. With a commitment to authenticity, diversity celebration, and challenging stereotypes, WildChina Education has consistently created pathways for the next generation of global citizens.

Collaboration to Transform Education

“We are thrilled to embark on this strategic partnership with Leading Your International School,” said Tom Lewis- Head of Business Development at WildChina Education. “This collaboration marks a significant step towards enriching the educational landscape, promoting ethical leadership, environmental stewardship, and community engagement.”

Aligning Values: Promoting Ethical Leadership, Sustainability and Diversity

LYIS shares WildChina’s commitment to developing sustainability through education and in fostering empathetic leaders.By aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) and emphasising ethical leadership, LYIS is dedicated to supporting all leaders with the knowledge, tools and resources to make a significant contribution to our world, its opportunities and challenges.

“Our partnership with WildChina Education aligns with our values of opportunity and sustainability,” said André Double – Founder and CEO of Leading Your International School. “Together, we aim to offer innovative programs that combine cultural immersion, industry exploration, and adventure, all while prioritising safety and sustainability.”

Enhancing Experiential Learning

WildChina Education’s extensive network and diverse team enable them to customise experiential learning itineraries tailored to LYIS’s educational objectives and student demographics. From cultural immersion to off-the-beaten-path adventures, WildChina Education designs programs that prioritise hands-on experiences, ensuring students truly connect with the destinations they visit
Both Leading Your International School and WildChina Education are eager to embark on this collaborative journey, aiming to inspire students and educators alike through immersive, impactful learning experiences in Asia.

Contact Us

For more information about WildChina Education and its tailored experiential learning programs, please contact Thomas Lewis at thomas.lewis@wildchina.com.

To learn more about Leading Your International School’s consultancy services, contact andre@leadingyourinternationalschool.com.

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