WildChina Education: Duke of Edinburgh International Award RAP-AJ National Level

WildChina Education is honored to have been recognized by the Duke of Edinburgh International Award China and selected as Recoginized Activity Provider of Adventurous Journey at the national level.

We will continue to make every effort to provide safe and reliable outdoor exploration activities for young people, giving them the opportunity to develop skills, take proactive action, and explore the unknown.
We strictly adhere to partner schools‘ regulations and do not use any images or footage in promotional materials that show students’ faces.

WildChina Education is a dynamic company dedicated to providing transformative experiential learning experiences for prestigious institutions worldwide. Since our inception in 2000, we have upheld a steadfast commitment to safety, sustainability, and delivering top-tier experiential learning programs. Our portfolio of learning experiences encompasses inquiry-based learning, service learning, and authentic cultural experiences, to name just a few.
Notably, WildChina Education has earned acclaim from esteemed organizations such as National Geographic Adventure, Travel & Leisure, and Conde Nast. As a multifaceted enterprise, we proudly oversee three distinct educational brands: Beyond Classrooms, WildChina Education, and Science Academy.

The legendary experiences of Zhang Mei, founder of WildChina, have also given a distinctive hue to WildChina Education. She obtained her MBA from Harvard Business School in 1996, currently serves on the board of directors there, previously worked at McKinsey & Company, and embarked on a backpacking trip around the world after resigning.
WildChina’s uniqueness and success have made her innovative story a case study at Harvard Business School, Columbia Business School, and Berkeley Haas School of Business. She has been featured for 15 consecutive years in the “China Expert” A+ list by the American magazine Travel + Leisure and recognized for 14 consecutive years as a travel expert by Condé Nast Traveler, being the only Chinese person to achieve this honor.
The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, established in 1956 by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh KG, KT in 1956, in conjunction with German educationalist Kurt Hahn, serves as a comprehensive global educational framework.
The Duke of Edinburgh International Award is aimed at young people aged 14-24 and is one of the world’s premier youth achievement awards. Its purpose is to enable young people from diverse backgrounds to develop essential life skills, find their goals, interests, and responsibilities.
Established for over 60 years, this award has motivated millions of young people from over 130 countries and regions to transform their lives. Participation in this award is about challenging oneself, not competing with others. It serves as a catalyst for youth to unleash their potential and transcend themselves.
WildChina Education’s recognition is inseparable from our experienced outdoor instructors. They ensure that each outdoor exploration by students is safely completed, while also providing ample opportunities for students to challenge themselves, exercise teamwork, and thus achieve the educational objectives of each trip.

As guardians of children throughout the journey, safety is the foremost priority in all of WildChina Education’s trips, where no negligence is tolerated. What we take immense pride in is our comprehensive and continually evolving safety assurance systems. They cover employee training, pre-trip assessments, in-trip supervision, and post-trip reflection and analysis.

We strictly adhere to international standards: the School Travel Forum Code of Practice and Safety Management Standards. It mandates rigorous risk management processes across all operational domains and requires reliable child protection procedures, ensuring clear and precise information about services and facilities well in advance.

You can now experience the majestic wild with our wilderness survival and outdoor education programs in China. Our experiential learning adventures take students beyond the classroom, providing hands-on opportunities to develop essential life skills while fostering a deep connection with nature. From fire starting to water filtration, shelter building to water sports, our programs offer a diverse range of activities designed to ignite curiosity and instill a love for the great outdoors. Whether kayaking through scenic waterways, mastering equestrian skills, or conquering rock climbing challenges, students embark on transformative journeys where they learn to navigate, adapt, and thrive in the wilderness. Join us for an unforgettable educational experience where adventure awaits at every turn.

If your school also wants to join us and participate in the DofE program, please feel free scan the QR code to contact us!

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