WildChina Education partners with Wall Street English

WildChina Education will be launching the inaugural Adventure Club project in March 2021 in partnership with Wall Street English. The Adventure Club combines Wall Street English’s language immersion philosophy with WildChina’s dedication to providing students with experiential education outside of traditional classroom settings.

WildChina Education to Partner with Wall Street English

Each month, a group of Wall Street English’s brightest students will be nominated to join the Adventure Club. Members of the Adventure Club embark together on explorations of the cultures and geography that are unique to China. Each of the seasonal trips are carefully curated and unique to Wall Street English’s Adventure Club members. While Wall Street English students are no strangers to Chinese culture, Adventure Club takes students to practice their English in new spaces so that they can be eloquent and knowledgeable ambassadors of Chinese culture to the rest of the world.

Food - WSE Adventure Club

At the core, both Wall Street English and WildChina are dedicated to connecting people. Whether students are learning English with expert instructors at Wall Street English or discovering how locals on the Tibetan Plateau mix paints for their Thangkas – learners of all ages, are taught how to better understand each other. In a shared experience with like-minded adventurers, students are given the chance to re-discover China and learn to communicate what they have discovered more eloquently than ever before.

Camels-in-deserts WSE Adventure Club

While this is a new partnership for us, our values have not changed.

“WildChina has had the same mission since I started the company over 20 years ago. We exist to help people – whether it be foreign travelers, Chinese travelers, students, or companies – to connect with China on a personal level. We work with top experts in their fields to pioneer experiences that challenge and expand people’s perceptions of culture and heritage in a stress-free, responsible, and meaningful way.”

Mei Zhang, Founder and Chairlady

Stay tuned for more updates about the Adventure Club and what Wall Street English students are learning in the bamboo forests of Anhui, the grasslands of Inner Mongolia, or at the homes of local Guizhou families.

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