3 Reasons to Sign up for Our Summer Camp in China

We are excited to announce that the WildChina Summer Camp will take place from July 25th to August 8th 2018.

The program, for participants aged 14-18, has been expertly designed by our award-winning WildChina Education team and they have pulled out all the stops. Here’s 3 of the top reasons we wish we could sign up for what is sure to be the best summer camp in China this year:


1. Immersion into China’s Rich Cultural Heritage

In true WildChina Education style, Summer Camp participants will be immersed in China’s rich cultural heritage from start to finish. You’ll be cooking traditional Chinese cuisine with a farmer at the base of the Great Wall and learning the history of the Silk Road in Xi’an’s Muslim Quarter. In the rural province of Guizhou you’ll be welcomed by Miao ethnic minority villagers in traditional ceremonial style, and in Shanghai, your experience of rural living will seem like a dream as you gaze up at the futuristic skyline. This is a journey where you’ll get up close and personal with the many faces of modern China and discover a diversity in culture that can’t be read in any text book.


2. Practicing your Mandarin Skills

Our first WildChina Summer Camp will be led in English by our international WildChina Team Leaders and expert local guides. However, there will be chances to learn Mandarin and practice your skills every day, with new friends from all walks of life. Each day will bring a new language challenge as you barter in markets, say ni hao to students on local school visits and join local fishermen in Yangshuo on their unusual fishing trips.

One of our favorite Mandarin speaking opportunities will come in Beijing where you’ll give back to the community on a visit to the Huiling Community Center. Here you’ll form friendships with a segment of Chinese society that is often overlooked—the mentally handicapped.  You’ll learn about their lives, be inspired by their attitude and help them to create crafts that they can then sell to support themselves.

WildChina Education building infrastructure in Sichuan

3. Giving Back to the Local Community.

We are passionate about traveling sustainably and strive to give back to every community we visit. Our Summer Camp program is no different and the projects you’ll take part in will have a meaningful impact on the lives of the people you’ve spent time with. There are also sure to give any college application a touch of je nai sais quoi.

Imagine being able to explain to an admission officer how you designed and built a recycling receptor in rural Guangxi province or how, in Guizhou, you lived with a local Miao ethnic minority community, taught English to students in the local school and contributed some ‘sweat equity’ by working in the fields alongside community farmers.

The WildChina Summer Camp 2018 is sure to be a life-changing experience and it certainly makes us wish we were still high school age. Places are also limited, so take a look at the full itinerary and don’t miss out on your place!

And parent’s, don’t worry that you have to miss out on the fun! You can customize one of our private WildChina Journeys to create your own parallel trip.

If you have any questions, please email education@wildchina.com and one of our experienced WildChina Education Team members will get back to you as soon as possible.You can visit our Virtual Tour

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