2015 WildChina Sustainability Award Goes to…

WildChina Sustainability trail - View from a hiking trail in Moganshan

Congratulations to Nali, Marco, Michael, Yeonjun, and Graci for their prize-winning “Bam! Bamboo Workshop” sustainable business plan.

In early June, these five students from Shanghai and their nearly 100 classmates spent a week in Moganshan to learn about responsible tourism and what it really means to be sustainable. Their final project? To design a business, NGO or non-profit that would contribute to a village in Moganshan.

2015 WildChina Sustainability Award

From the list of twenty amazing ideas, it was hard to pick one, but the Bam! Bamboo Workshop took the cake for these reasons:

Great Cause: Operates as a non-profit, so all extra proceeds will go towards supporting local farmers and charities

Creative Business Plan: Provides workshops for travelers to understand traditional methods of bamboo cultivation and craft-making.

Thinking Local: Gives locals job opportunities and promotes cultural education for the community

Along with using their brains at the WildChina Sustainability Workshop, the Bam! Bamboo Workshop team and their classmates took part in a week long adventure through bamboo hills and serene lakes in Moganshan. From hiking 15 kilometers through natural bamboo forests and working together to make sturdy bamboo rafts, we can say that it was a lot of fun with a good dose of challenging bits.

Students doing Taichi at Moganshan

Great job! As summer vacation approaches, how about your keep the rules of sustainability in mind for your future adventures.

Conserve. Respect. Purchase Locally. Distribute Equally. Educate.

Happy Summer from WildChina!

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