Best Yunnan Christmas trip for families | 12.21 – 12.26

Spend a truly unforgettable Christmas with your family in Yunnan. Visit the Lands of the Naxi, Tibetan, and Malimasa people, eat at their tables, speak with their elders, learn their customs and explore their worlds. This holiday season, gift nature, knowledge and a once-in-a-lifetime adventure to your family.

Yunnan Christmas Trip for Families 2022

Highlights – Why go on a Yunnan Christmas Trip?

Jungle Trekking  

Walk through ‘Snubby’ country, home of the Golden Snub Nosed Monkeys. (Why is the forest good for your kids’ mental health?)

Expert Guides 

Long Yong Cheng | The first man to protect Yunnan snub-nosed monkey / friendly scientist

Jiang Zhi Jian | Tibetan School Principal / Prize-winner of the United Nations Education Fund

Extraordinary and Magical Experiences  

Breakfasting with a view of the Snubbies playing in their natural habitat

Join the electric festivities surrounding a local archery competition

Witness a Naxi or Tibetan wedding extravaganza, the whole town is invited!

Go tribal and follow the rhythms of the Shenchuan Reba dance

A Truly Unforgettable Christmas 

An open table meal with the village children

Use nature as your inspiration to create your own original, locally influenced Christmas decorations

Look for your presents under the many trees of the forest in our Yunnan Christmas trip edition scavenger hunt

Delectable Cuisine

Naxi-fresh herbs and spices, the traditional feasts of a caravan, a Christmas Eve with Tibetan influenced cocktails, Christmas dinner, and Malmasa picnics….  



<Expert Guides>

Peter | Best friends for kids

Jiang Zhi Jian | Local Expert, Respectful Tibetan Principal

Long Yong Cheng | A scientist, writer of  The most adorable face in the world.



Bilingual(mainly in English)

Day 1 | 12.21, Wednesday

Meal: Dinner


Hotel or airport pick up to start your Yunnan Christmas trip, enjoy the scenery as we drive an hour to Shipeng village. Shipeng village sits along the first bayou of the Yangtze river, absorb its history, taste their snacks. Transfer to the hotel, check-in, and enjoy the dusk of Yunnan. 

Please note: Your flight must arrive before 1:30pm on the 21st. If there is no suitable flight on the day please aim to arrive the day before to Lijiang, we can arrange for a pick up from your hotel on the 21st. 


18:30-20:00 Your welcome meal- a Naxi specialty hotpot 

20:00-21:00 Program overview and briefing for the week 


Day 2 | 12.22,Thursday

Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

8:00-9:00 Breakfast (local rice noodles, and simple western fare like toast, milk etc…)

9:15-10:00 Partake in a local ‘good luck’ ritual (a blend of Naxi and Tibetan styles) 

10:05-10:45 Learn how to make an offering to an ancestral Gingko tree (prepare stories and colored eggs to offer) 

11:00 – 13:00 Visit a Naxi neighbor’s home (sample snacks, learn how to make malt, and enjoy a real home cooked meal) 

13:30-15:30 Afternoon break 

15:45-17:30 Archery training begins. Watch the local Naxi tribesmen compete in the traditional style (5-6 locals will be with the group) 

18:30-19:30 Dinner at the hotel (meals at the hotel are sourced from fresh local ingredients with a uniquely designed menu for each meal) 

20:00-21:00 Professor Long’s workshop “The Most Adorable Face in the World”.

Day 3 | 12.23,Friday

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner

7:30-8:15 Breakfast 

8:30-9:00   Arrive at the Baima Snow Mountain Golden Snub Nosed Monkeys National Forest Park 

9:00-10:30 Observe the ‘snubbies’ up close, learn about their personalities, habits diet and natural habitats 

11:00-11:30 Documentary: featuring the diversity of ecological environment in Baima Snow Mountain

12:00-13:00 Caravan style lunch at hotel 

15:30-17:30 Visit a Tibetan neighbor’s home (learn to make zanba cakes and butter tea, try on different types of Tibetan clothing for some photos)

18:00-19:00 Dinner at hotel 

19:30-20:45 Experience the heady rhythms and movements of the Tibetan Shenchuan Reba dance. 

Day 4 | 12.24,SaturdayMeals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner8:00-9:00 Breakfast9:30-11:30     Learn about local flora and fauna and the waterways during a jungle trek. Collect items from the jungle floors to use to create xmas decorations later. 12:00-14:00 Enjoy a barbecue meal in the surrounding meadows14:00-15:30 Explore the winter banks of the JInsha river, sift through the millions of multi colored pebbles and stones on its shores 15:30-18:00 Come together with the village children to decorate the Christmas tree, make each other gifts, and crack open chestnuts 18:30-19:30 Enjoy the Christmas Eve dinner all together 20:00-21:30 Fireworks and cocktails (adults only!) party  Day 5 | 12.25,SundayMeals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner8:00-9:00 Breakfast 9:30-11:00 Visit a Mosuo village (learn about and try using their traditional crossbow, join in their festival songs and dances and make your own grass skirts to wear to the ceremony)  

11:30-13:00 Have a traditional Mosuo picnic lunch 

13:30-16:30 Take a break or be welcomed to one of the many weddings happening in the village 

17:00-18:00 Christmas presents scavenger hunt 

18:30-20:00 Christmas dinner 

20:00-22:00 Christmas party 

Day 6 | 12.26,Monday

Meals: Breakfast

Transfer back to the Lijiang airport (3.5 hours). We recommend that you book a flight in between 12pm and 5pm on the 26th. An airport transfer for flights outside of those times will incur an extra cost.

Please note: the times in the itinerary are to our best estimation for this Yunnan Christmas trip, if there are any changes due to the epidemic or otherwise we will keep you informed and abreast of the situation.   


Habuda Botique Guesthouse

<Price Info>

12.21 – 12.26 6D5N

8,300 RMB/ per person (same price for adult or kid)Double / Twin Room23,700 RMB/ 2 adults & 1 kid (LOFT Family Room/ Double Room plus an extra bed)23,700 RMB/ 1 adult & 2 kids (Double or Twin Room plus an extra bed)

Minimum 4 familiesMaximum 13 families


  1. Bus and accompanying driver for all land transfers indicated in the itinerary.
  2. Admission fees to all places and for all activities mentioned in the itinerary.
  3. All meals during the duration of the program as stated in the itinerary .
  4. All gratuities for drivers, instructors and local support staff .
  5. All relevant trip taxes and local duties.
  6. Drinking water, fresh fruit and snacks throughout.
  7. Travel insurance.
  8. Accommodation at local guesthouse, one room for one family. Our consultant will confirm the available room types when you make your reservation.

<Not Included>

  1. Transportation from your city to Lijiang
  2. Personal expenses
  3. Anything not mentioned in the “what’s included“ section

<Cancellations & Refunds>

1、100% refund if canceling over 30 days prior departure2、50% refund if canceling 1429 days prior departure3NO refund if canceling less than 14 days prior departure date4100% refund if canceling due pandemic regulation, for example, if you need to be quarantined at arrival or when you’re back to your home city. Note WildChina does not cover any loss that’s not within our reservation, including but not limited to flight cancellation fee.5、This itinerary is suitable for families with kids of 5 years old or above.

<How to Sign up>

After making payment on our wechat Mini-program for the Yunnan Christmas trip, please add the below wechat account for follow-up or email  

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